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Oct 2, 2009 04:53 AM

ISO Update on Shanghai Pavilion & other UES Sunday night recommendations

One of my favorite places on the UES has been Shanghai Pavilion (1378 Third Ave. @ 79th, 212 585-3388), but I have not been there for at least four years. It featured two specialties, Beggar's Chicken and Eight Treasures Duck, both of which had to be ordered in advance. Back then the chef was Zong Xin-tu and the manager was Simon Wu. They made an exceptional seaweed salad with slivers of tangerine peel. And of course they offered soup dumplings.

I could not find any recent substantive discussions of the place and I wanted to get an update. Anyone been recently? Do they still offer the stuffed fowl?

I am also open to alternatives in the UES. On a Sunday night I will be taking my daughter and her roommate, who have just moved into an apartment in Manhattan, out to dinner. Since a lot of places are closed on Sunday, SP seems a reasonable option, if it is stll good. On the other hand if there are any reasonably priced places in the area around 85th St. between Fifth and Third, I would like to learn more. Their food preferences tend to be on the lighter side. The traditional French menu might not work well. But otherwise the consideration is location, and the p/q ratio.

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