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Moving to Red Hook... what are your faves?

Moving to Red Hook Nov. 1. I would love to know your favorite go-to day to day places. Obviously, there is Fairway for grocery shopping and I like Hope & Anchor for diner stuff.... but where else is good for casual lunches, dinners with friends, best coffee (Baked?), sandwiches, pizza delivery etc? Any decent chinese or thai takeout?

Any info on food stuffs would be much appreciated. TIA

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  1. I love Baked. Great desserts and coffee. Fairway also has great desserts and a coffee bar.

    359 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

    Fairway Market
    480 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

    1. I'm surprised you have not gotten more responses! I don't have too much to add, unfortunately. I second Baked - I have really liked everything I have had from there. I like Defonte's on Columbia for sandwiches. The eggplant and red peppers one is my favorite. I have not tried that new-ish pizza place - Anselmo's maybe? - on Van Brunt but heard it is good. Neighbors loved dinner at the Good Fork, also on Van Brunt. I live in Carroll Gardens, so I don't think I can help on delivery options. Good luck!

      Defonte's Sandwich Shop
      379 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

      The Good Fork
      391 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

      1. You're moving into revived Red Hook at a good time in history. Five years ago, it was slim pickens, Hope and Anchor and the venerable Sunny's Bar, Liberty Ale House, that was about it.
        Now you have Baked, The Good Fork, Kevin's, Defonte's, Anselmo's, A Barone, Fairway (thank God they have a presence in RH). You really must check out Sunny's, it's legendary. For Thai and sushi, you have to go north up Columbia St. towards Brooklyn Heights, but it's not far. Columbia St. has lots of restaurant choices, as well. There's also lots of art happenings in RH.
        Then, of course, are the ball fields, search CH for many posts about them.
        Happy new neighborhood!

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          Not that I disagree, but Red Hook had 360, Lillie's and LeNell's( ... hey, I drink as well as eat) 5 years ago and their loss is hard to replace. Defonte's has always been there and isnt an addition.

          However, in addition to bushwickgirl's list, I'd add Botanica (havent been there yet, but it looks very nice) and Fort Defiance (I have been there and it's worth going to both drink and eat). Liberty Tap is now Rocky Sullivan's, a transplanted Manhattan place that I keep meaning to try, as it looks very inviting. And, of course, Bait and Tackle, where Bourdain has filmed and, therefore, what could be bad?

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            Didn't mean to imply that Defonte's is an addition, it's apparently been around since 1922 (according to the website).
            It's a shame about 360 and certainly LeNell's.

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              I am addicted to the Fort Defiance muffaletta. Also counter culture coffee (its not just a bar - got a nice neighborhood vibe).

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                Something new is in the old 360 spot, but I haven't had the chance to check it out. Any reports?

                Fave spots: Good Fork, Ft. Defiance, H&A for karaoke, Sunny's of course. Used to love El Huipil, not sure if its replacement is up to the task. Hope so.

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                    That would be O Barone, haven't been either but I did see some favorable posts on CH somewhere.

                    360 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

            2. Kevin's is excellent for brunch. Fort Defiance has some pretty tasty sandwiches. Had an awesome dinner at Good Fork a while back. You've got some good pickings in RH!

              Does anyone know if Tini wine bar is still around? I know they moved out of their old location (which had been near LeNell's) and were going to set up elsewhere, but I don't know if that ever came to pass.

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                Tini is now called Home/Made, a block up the road. Still as good as ever.
                Adding to the list, the IceHouse has pretty great pulled pork sandwiches ($3), homemade beef jerky, cheap beers, and a pleasant outdoor area.

              2. Great! Thanks everyone. Can't wait to move over there in 2 weeks. Coming from WB, it will be quite a refreshing change I think.

                1. Assuming by Red Hook, you mean the new Red Hook, which is just the area south of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel as opposed to including of what is now usually called Carroll Gardens; there is, or was at least, when I moved out of there in 2000, only one pizzaria. It's on Van Brunt Street and run by an Armenian guy who's name escapes me now.

                  The baked clams used to be particularly good, they are Littlenecks with lots of garlicky oil, and used to cost $5 for a half dozen. I don't know if that's still the case. Hopefully, he doesn't get his clams from the same place some Coney Island joints are, as they have gone downhill greatly in recent years.

                  He's expanded and renovated the place since I left. Business is up a lot with the gentrification movement I started back in 1997, which has really taken off.

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                    "gentrification movement I started back in 1997, which has really taken off."

                    Interesting. I lived there from 1993 until 2006, and worked in Red Hook. Seems like gentrification really got rolling after the WTC collapse; Wall Street and Battery City Park dwellers moved to Red Hook in droves; Water Taxi leased a pier to get them all back and forth to work everyday. I don't remember much gentrification at all before 2002, actually, with just a few new eateries opening and a few older ones already there. The real estate developer and property owner started planning Fairway in 2003 on it's current spot, after he saw upscale clientele moving into the neighborhood; moreover, he was deeply concerned with the established population's inability to purchase decent/fresh/quality food products locally.

                    Aside from Defonte's, which truly makes the best of it's type of hero in that area, there's a number of new and newer businesses of all types, including some quite good restaurants and bars. I almost wish I lived there still.

                  2. Defonte's, on the corner of Commerce and Columbia, is a good place for lunchtime heros. The place has been there forever and comes with legendary status.

                    Personally, I found it good, but a lot of places make good heroes, and if good bread and cold cuts are used, what difference can you find between them? I think the legend is probably more a reflection of consistancy and longevity than being able to make a hero noticably better than average, but that is still worth something.

                    Their heroes are not overly stuffed with meat, which is the way I like them; and they're a little more expensive than many bodegas and delis.

                    A bunch more reviews are at: http://www.yelp.com/biz/defontes-sand...

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                    1. re: TomChowhound

                      the roast beef sandwich with mozzarella and warm juice is stunning. some of theother veg and cheese oriented sandwiches with cooked ingredients also.

                    2. CT style lobstah roll (that's right, "lobstah") from the Lobster Pound....ball fields latin food trucks

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                        Second the Lobster Pound and the Ballfields Vendors! And here's a few other Red Hook recs.

                        We had great pupusas w/cheese and loroco flower from the El Olomega food truck on a recent visit to the 'hood.

                        Red Hook Lobster Pound's Maine-style lobster roll is also pretty fabulous: lots of meat, just the right amount of mayo tang, and topped with paprika, chives and hot butter. Oh. Yes. (Photo here: http://www.cityspoonful.com/neighborh...


                        The Swingle at Steve's Key Lime Pies is also worth the trek (particularly so in this hot weather!) -- it's a miniature key lime pie mounted on a stick, dipped in dark Belgian chocolate and frozen.

                        A bit farther off the beaten foodie path is Brooklyn Ice House, a dive bar that serves up some exceptionally moist, flavorful and cheap(!) pulled pork sliders ($3 or 2 for $5).

                        Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pies
                        204 Van Dyke St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

                        Brooklyn Ice House
                        318 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

                        Red Hook Lobster Pound
                        284 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231