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Oct 2, 2009 02:11 AM

Brooklyn Star

I've heard rumors of A BROOKLYN STAR BRUNCH starting oct. 11.... gonna be best brunch in brooklyn i believe

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  1. Ate there for the first time last week. It is really good. Some of the best mac and cheese anywhere, great greens. Everything was really good. Cornbread cooked to order in the wood burning oven.

    If you like Southern style food, go here.

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      1. re: bushwickgirl

        I found it, Havemeyer St. Williamsburg.

      2. re: sushiman

        Ditto to Sushiman!! Everything was great and for now no alcohol and BYOB.

      3. Brunch today was fine. Not horrible but not great. Order of sides/entrees was a little odd. Got our cornbread, then our fried chicken, then 10-15 minute later, the cinnamon bun, then the ham steak and eggs. Liked the cornbread but couldn't really taste the jalapeno and bacon in there. Needed spicing up with hot sauce and honey. Cinnamon bun arrived piping hot, which was nice, but we didn't get to it fast enough, so while it was good, it would have been better had we eaten it while hot.

        Fried chicken was pretty good, came with a generously sized grapefruit and hash browns. Very flavorful crust, nice and crunch. Although I think the Redhead's fried chicken is definitely more moist. Not a "best fried chicken" contender, but a worthy effort.

        Ham steak and eggs with mashed potatoes wasn't as good. The ham was very salty. The sprinkles of bacon bits and scallions on top, in addition to the sauce on the plate, was a bit much. Dish felt a bit one note with some lightness or acid greatly needed.

        Tables were kind of small so it was hard to juggle all the stuff on the table. Bread plate, entree plates, side plates, honey bottle, hot sauce bottle, water, juice, coffee, sugar, and cream. Lots of Tetris-ing when things arrived. Portions are big, though. Two sides and two entrees fed the three of us just fine, and the bill was surprisingly gentle.

        The banquette is a bit high and narrow, I felt like I had to lean forward the whole time! Not super comfortable, lots of shimmying to get in and out of the restaurant.

        Service was nice but strapped -- they needed more help. Took a while for them to clear plates, or to get a fresh plate when one was requested.

        1. Never tried brunch, but have been here for dinner four or five times and really like it. Highly recommend the trout, which tastes intensely of bacon and lemon, and the brussel sprout chow-chow "casserole."

          I wish they would improve their wine, though. The prices are too high, quality is too low, and the portions are much too small.