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Oct 1, 2009 08:31 PM

Eating lunch at Bertucci's... WOW!

I had lunch at Bertucci's, the so called Italian chain today. Horrible mistake on my part. I should have known considering, I have not been to Olive Garden in about three years. It was worse, I ordered Fettuccine Alfredo. It came with two rolls and a simple salad. I drank water with lemon and after tax and tip, I spent $14. for lunch.Thinking that Alfredo was a safe choice because its an Italian restaurant , well let me just say it tasted like the Weight Watchers version in the frozen section. it was a horrible, watery mess. I ate about 5% of my dish, asked for a box, paid my tab, walked out and then dumped my leftovers in the trash can. still hungry and frustrated I ended up spending another $7. on a Potbelly Italian sub and soda. FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed my sub.

Bertucci's Brick Oven Pizzeria
1218 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

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  1. I much prefer Potbelly's to Bertucci's.

    1. I go there for pizza. It's actually one of the better pizzas around.

      I guess I have issues with people who expect something miraculous from a chain restaurant and when they don't get it, they condemn the restaurant to the lowest depth of hell (come on, worse than Olive Garden?).

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        Agreed. As far as chain pizzas go, Bertucci's is better than Domino's (bland), Papa Johns (sauce like candy), Pizza Hut (butteriffic!). Never had their pasta dishes, but I'm not inclined to blow $15 on a plate of noodles anywhere.

      2. Ms aw,

        I'm curious to know why you requested the dish to be wrapped up as leftovers......and proceed to dump it immediately upon exiting the restaurant. I can only surmise you never had any intention of eating the leftovers...correct?

        From your comments I would also assume you viewed the bill with tax and tip as excessive.....Most restaurants factor in 5-10 % for food costs per item for paper or take-out packaging when determining prices charged.......just a little fyi.....but they probably do not factor in the possibility the customer throws the leftovers out on purpose...:-)

        Sorry you did not enjoy your experience....

        1. I havent been there for lunch in a few months but I used to frequent Bertuccis because it was close to my former employer. From my experience lunches there were served with a bottomless bowl of family style salad and unlimited rolls with a rather tasty olive oil/garlic/herb mixture. I usually ordered off the LUNCH menu, not dinner entrees, and dont remember any meal or sandwich being over $10.....however to me endless salad and bread along with a lunch size rigatoni and meatballs or saugage panini with a side item PLUS a soda AND tax AND tip for under $15 really isnt that bad. Soup salad and breadsticks at the OG is $6.95, $2 and change for a soda, $.60 for tax, $2 for tip is roughly $12 so you can get a slightly more substantial meal at bertuccis for maybe $2 more and the food is as good or slightly better than the OG.....not gourmet by any means but out of the hundreds of chains in America, how many are?

          BTW - im not sure how one compares pricing at a sit down restaurant with full service to that at a fast food no service restaurant? One could order off the dollar menu at Mcdonalds and walk for $4 and THAT would be a deal in comparison to Potbellys (please note I have never been to a Potbellys, there are none in New England, but from looking online it appears to be a Subways/Quiznos style place only maybe a little nicer maybe a little closer to a Panera?)

          1. The pizza at Bertucci's is quite good. Everything else is disgusting. Olive Garden is nothing to write home about but at least it's edible.

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            1. re: dagwood

              Agreed on the pizza -- it may not be as good as it was back when there was one Bertucci's in Somerville, MA, but it's held up pretty good as the chain spread. We have some here in the DC area. They have closed up some locations apparently because they set pretty high revenue targets but they have opened up other new locations here so it seems like they are a good fit for the DC area.

              As for the pasta dishes, I would rank them as mediocre but above OG and Macaroni Grill, but still we almost always just get pizza and antipasto (which is VERY good!).

              1. re: Bob W

                PS Bertucci's has great rolls. They're really just balls of pizza dough, but they are almost always nice and hot, and they wil give you tons to take home.

                1. re: Bob W

                  I have burned my mouth on many a roll, they usually must come right from the oven to the table at times. The oil with the herb and garlic is quite tasty too.....I usually ask the server to see if they can get some with extra seasoning in it. The salad has always been fresh and delicious too.....