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Oct 1, 2009 07:47 PM

Costco bakery garlic bread is back

I am not talking about the twin-pack of roasted garlic loaves (which is luscious), but the split pugliese batard spread with a mix of butter, roasted garlic, cheese, and other seasonings. I hadn't seen it in several years. The label says to bake the halves in the oven, then broil. I live alone, so I cut it up into smaller pieces and freeze them, thawing and baking as needed. I find that a brief stint in the toaster oven is sufficient - it doesn't need the longer full oven treatment. This is a tasty accompaniment to homemade soup.

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  1. Wow that bread has been gone for years. I tried many times to replicate it at home and never could. To this day it is the only store bought garlic bread I have ever enjoyed. In fact just last week I was saying how I wished they would bring it back, will have to go check my local costco for it. Thanks!!

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      I tried some today - I think it used to be cheesy and this one is not, but still outstanding.

    2. Yah, they were demoing it yesterday.

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        As I recall, it used to be one half of a wide loaf of Italian bread. Now it's both halves of a narrower loaf, labeled as Pugliese bread (also Italian). It's wrapped so that, lengthwise, the two halves are sandwiched only partially. Still, you need to separate them when at room temp, before baking, because part of the topping pulls off one piece or the other and you need to redistribute it. Sprinkle some Parmesan on top and it's the same as the original version, on a slightly better quality bread.