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Oct 1, 2009 07:23 PM

Where to find duck breast or magret in Edmonton??

Hi, I've been looking around to find fresh or frozen duck breast but all I could find was whole duck or duck legs...Anyone as a clue where I could find it? Thanks :)

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  1. I've bought frozen duck breasts at the Save-On Foods downtown (109 and Jasper) as well as at the Sobey's Urban Market downtown (104 and Jasper).

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    1. re: lainekerr

      I have not purchased them for awhile but I used to get frozen duck breast from a separate freezer adjacent to the butcher counter at Colonial then Sunterra.

      As lainekerr suggested I have also seen them at some of our common supermarket chains often including the Brome Lake Duck packages. Not necessarily on a regular basis but from time to time.

      Please let us know if you track them down as duck is something I love but rarely cook pun intended............

      1. re: Bob Mac

        Ocean Odyssey has it frozen. Care It deli often has fresh breasts (already scored even!).

    2. Goodness..they are everywhere! I sugest finding some from Greens, Eggs and Ham as a local product. Ocean Odyssey carries them as does Sobey's Urban Fresh (or they used to) and in Sherwood Park, Butcher Block.

      1. Save-On usually has them, but for some reason tucked away in the frozen foods section (the big ice cream, peas, etc coolers) instead of the meat section.

        1. Try Smokin' Iron Farms, 11401 – 50th Street

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          1. re: raidar

            They only carry whole duck...:(

          2. Greens, Eggs and Ham has a variety of duck products, so I would imagine that they'd have duck breast. They're at the downtown farmers market on Saturdays - though this coming Saturday is the last for the season. They also sell products through Sobeys on Jasper and 104 Street.