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Oct 1, 2009 07:15 PM

Mezzaluna - Kansas City (Waldo-ish)

Just opened where Papa Keno's used to be. I usually don't like to review places that JUST opened..
But dear lord it was bad news and please save your money.
Went with two adults + one child
Two pasta entrees - my clams (on the shell) were ICE cold..the ravioli swimming in mystery cream sauce. The minestrone soup had crinkle cut carrots and canned tomato soup.
Oddly enough, the service was really good!
It was so not worth it - $16 for a so so pizza, $14 for the pasta, $6 for soup
Anyone else have a bad/good experience?

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  1. thanks for the review. i work really close to there and i had eyed it a few times. looks like i'll take a pass.

    1. I assume this is related to the Mezzaluna that's been at Quivira around 78th for a long time? Funny, 'cause you'd think anything that bad wouldn't endure. Tho sometimes there's no accounting for bad taste ...

      1. That place is WEIRD. A few years back, my family ate there on Christmas. The food was typically nothing to rave about, but we remember the weirdos that own it and waited on us. It's liked they would've killed us if they hadn't have been serving us. It was really uncomfortable, but it's something we talk about to this day. Kinda funny now.

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          Hilarious, inbiz! Thanks for letting us know, SMS, I might've wandered in there otherwise.

        2. The reviewer of MEZZALUNA Waldo must have been having a bad day where nothing would have been good enough! We have eaten there twice and thought it was fabulous both times. We have been to Italy and felt the food was authentic Italian. The first time we had the special and came back a week later and split a "Mama Mia" chicken and garlic pizza and caesar salad (plenty for two). The salad dressing was delicious! The pizza great with fresh rather than canned ingredients. Chistiano and Juan are fun and the ambience is intimate and comfortable. Shame on those of you that will not try a new restaurant based on one review!!!!!

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            we ate there a couple of weeks ago and will give it another shot. they're working out the kinks and the "grand" opening isn't until sometime later this month. the focaccia was incredible. the pizza was great though different, doughier than typical pizza margherita (did i butcher that spelling?). i had a chicken special that was OK but it wasn't what i intended on ordering the server talked my into it - should have stuck to my guns. i think i was hung up mostly on the $14 pizza that was rather small. at any rate, we will try again.