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Oct 1, 2009 06:26 PM

DC evening (after 10) vegetarian friendly restaurant

I am picking up a nice vegetarian girl at DCA on Friday night at 9:45. She's heading in from San Francisco, so that will be about dinner time on her body's clock.

Now I usually glance over the vegetarian options on most menus I look at, so I am at a bit of a loss. What I'm looking for is something on the lower/mid range for price (middle $10's to middle $20's for entrees) and someplace where the kitchen is open past 10:00.

I'll be in a car, so I'm open to most areas, but will be heading back to brookland NE at the end of the night, so I'm not going to drive too far out in VA and am not really interested in MD. U Street or H Street are probably my first two choices, but I'm sure the options are limited for after 10 eating, so I'm game for other suggestions. (are any of the Ethiopian places open past 10?)


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  1. zaytinya has a lot of vegetarian options. Its a mezze restaurant in galleryplace/china town. I'm vegetarian and i actually had difficulty choosing what i wanted to eat. The Seasonal Mushrooms dish is amazing, as is the Ímam Bayildi, and the Baby Squash Salata. definitely go for the assyrtico wines....

    its a bit loud but a fun place

    1. I bet some of the Ethiopian restaurants stay open late---maybe Dukem (someone else with more expertise should weight in.)

      I don't know exact hours on any of these places so you should double check with websites or by calling but you might want to try: PIzzeria Paradisio (the new location on P St in Dupont seems to be open late), Sette Osteria,Jaleo (the downtown location serves until 12am), and of course there is always The Diner (open 24/7).

      1. I've never been, but I hear that Sticky Rice on H street is good for vegetarians. Looking at their menu, they have a lot of interesting veggie rolls (like sweet potato) and other non-sushi options. They are open until 11 on weekend nights.

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          Sticky Rice has great vegan and vegetarian options. Just make note that around 11 on a Friday it starts to get pretty loud and can be crowded.

        2. Thanks for the Dukem suggestion. Their kitchen stays open until one hour before closing; and they close at 3:00 on fridays. This will probably be my first choice, but I'll run some of the others past her also. I haven't been to Zatinya in forever, so that might be good. Pizza, tapas and sushi rolls are all good options too, thanks.

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            Good to know about Dukem's hours. Might be stopping by there tonight myself for dinner. First time going.