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Oct 1, 2009 05:52 PM

Looking for inexpensive preferably vegetarian chow house near Beacon Theater.

We're going to see the Video Games Live concert at the Beacon on October 25th (I think that's the date) and I'd like to take the kid (Sheila) and wife (Dolores) out to a late lunch or early dinner. My kid is a veggie - not vegan - so I'd like the place to be at least somewhat vegetarian compatible. (She won't eat anything that had a face but my wife and I still are willing to ingest animal muscle.) And I'm a cheap bass turd, so I'd like it to be inexpensive-to-reasonable.

Am I asking too much?!

Thanks, GQS <:=}~

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  1. Go to Shake Shack UWS and get a shroomburger for your daughter and some tasty regular burgers for yourselves....yum!

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    1. re: JMJD

      Thanks - I think I saw this place on TV recently. VERY busy during lunch and dinner. Might be worth the look though!


      1. re: dorian

        Daughter loves hummus, another good suggestion! I'm still hankering a piece of meat but this might be good for a change. Thank you!


      2. Maoz falafel on Bway at 71st. Sooo yummy and all veggie. Don't know how much seating they have at that location, though, and this is totally casual counter food. Land Thai (Amsterdam/82nd) is also pretty good and shouldn't be too crowded late afternoon--you can actually sit down and eat with pleasant table service. Zabars Cafe is another counter option. It really depends on the level of formality you want.

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          Oooo, Thai sounds good! The others are excellent suggestions as well. Gotta surf the websites and see what the family thinks. Thanks muchly!


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            These are great suggestions, Sholli. The only caveat with Land is that Thai food often has fish sauce in dishes that don't otherwise include animal products and Land is no exception. So depending on how strictly vegetarian Sheila is, GQS may want to avoid.

          2. Josies is right around the corner on Amsterdam and 74th.

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            1. re: Stuffed Monkey

              Can't remember how I came across this place but I checked them out on the Web and though the food sounds good, it may be a bit out of our range. Remember, I'm cheap! <;=} BUTT, thanks for the tickler, maybe if I work some OT the week before I can look good to my wife and kid and bring them to somewhere sweet!


            2. If you like Indian, try Mughlai on 75th & Columbus or Earthen Oven on 72nd & Columbus. Lots of veg and non-veg options.

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              1. re: fm1963

                Indian is a good possibility, though the wife isn't crazy about it. I checked them out though, lots to choose from. Thanks for the heads-up!