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Oct 1, 2009 04:49 PM

New to Pittsburgh, parents visiting soon, need help.

I just moved to Pittsburgh two days ago and the parents want to visit and try some nice restaurants. So far the only places I've been to have been Kaya, Primanti Brothers, Eggs-R-Us and Burgh's Pizza & Wing Pub. Haven't been anywhere else and have absolutely no idea what else is out there.

What I'd like is maybe a nice Caribbean, French, Mexican, Italian, Guatemalan, or whatever really. The only thing they wouldn't want is pub food, breakfast food, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, sushi or macrobiotic. Price isn't a big deal and I'd like to keep it within the city (gonna be awhile before I'm used to the roads here).

Also, if anyone has any museum or other places to visit ideas that would be nice. I've been to the zoo and was thinking the Andy Warhol museum would be a good spot. Any opinions?


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  1. Since you are not real comfortable with the roads yet I would recommend Lidia's in the Strip (not far from Kaya) or Eleven which is also on Smallman St too. Another Idea would be to take them to one of the restaurants up to Mount Washington for one of the best scenic views in the country....I'm not kidding!!!

    1. My favorite restaurant is Bona Terra in sharpsburg.
      others that i like:

      piccolo forno - lawrenceville
      girasole - copeland/walnut street in shadyside
      enrico's - ellsworth in shadyside
      dish - 17th street, southside

      not really mexican per se, but I really like Yo Rita in southside

      1. You might say where you are located or a little familiar with.

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          I'm currently living in the Crafton/Ingram area, but have spent some time in downtown and South Side. I'd like to move to a more urban area (looking for convenient, pedestrian friendly) in the next few months, so I wouldn't mind grabbing a bite to eat in Shady Side, Oakland, Squirrel Hill or whatever.

          Burghfeeder, I might have to try out Elven, one of my old restaurant's regulars in Cincinnati was there a few months back and he recommended it.

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            Glad to see that you are getting around to take advantage of all the city has to offer! I see that you are in the Crafton area so I want to recommend Sauce which is a place that's very close to Burgh's in Bridgeville. It's right across the street at the top of the hill. It may not be what you want when your parents are here, but it's a great little place with pretty good food that's easy for you to get to.


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              Also near Burg's in Bridgeville is Armstrong's. It's take-out Italian. One of the best deals around for quality, quantity, and price.

              If you're downtown, Sonoma Grille and Nine on Nine are both on Penn Ave.

              You might check out Ducky Tours. It's a hot. You all might enjoy it. They start from Station Square, so it's easy to get to the South Side from there. Fat head's in the South Side is always good for BIG sandwiches and a good beer selection. As someone has already mentioned, Yo Rita Is doing interesting and imaginative things with tacos. It's delicious offerings that you won't find anywhere else.

              You mentioned French - in the South Side at 21st and Carson St. is Le Pommier. Nice place and good wine list. Good French food.

              Mount Washington is easy to get to. You practically HAVE to learn where it is 'cause you practically HAVE to take visitors there. Monterey Bay has good fish and that great view.

              1. re: yayadave

                yaya's post is right on. He just said all you need to know!!!