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Best Restaurants in Little Italy (Baltimore)?

Would love to hear opinions on which are the best restaurants for dinner in Baltimore's Little Italy. Thanks!

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  1. Amiccis is pretty solid, Make sure you get the pane rotundo, There are better Italian Restaurants in Baltimore outside of little Italy. I highly recommend Sotto Sopra.

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      Let me 2nd Sotto Sopra. It will blow you away. It is beautiful, in a beautiful location, the pasta is all home-made and delicious, the wine list is excellent, the service is impeccable etc. Anything else is a distant 2nd in my opinion for a nice italian dinner in Baltimore.

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        i third this recommendation. we had a very special celebratory meal here, and when we walked in, even though the restaurant was about to close, they decided to keep it open for us. they also gave us a deal on a delicious and not too pricey bottle of prosecco, as well, since it was our anniversary.

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          I like Sotto Sopra too, but it is not in Little Italy. If the question is Italian anywhere, Cinghiale is leaps and bounds ahead of LI, and maybe a leap or a half leap ahead of Sotto Sopra.

      1. The two mentioned above are NOT the best ones. Aldo's and La Tavola will get more positive reviews than others. Those two mentioned are just cheaper.

        1. i like rocco's. mmm yummy, fresh seafood, homemade pasta, good good. i love chiapparelli's house salad but the rest of their food is meh.

          1. Yep, Rocco's. Just great food and a wonderful experience that one would expect in Little Italy.

            Amiccis is OK and a good value but I don't think they serve any meat dishes, just some seafood, maybe chicken.

            1. Depends if you want red sauce italian or northern italian. You'll find tons of the former in LI...
              Inside LI- Try Gia's- Mother/Daughter team running the place, small cozy, good food
              The latter can be found outside LI limits- Cinghiale gets my vote

              1. La Tavola used to be mt fave. How are they doing these days?

                1. Sotta Sopra for third time.