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Oct 1, 2009 03:12 PM

Super All-Clad Sale!

I don't know how long this runs, but right now you can get an additional 20% even single pieces at the official All-Clad "irregulars" site. I've been buying All-Clad stainless from them for years, and never have noticed whatever makes them "seconds" in the first place. ;-)

With the already low prices, and then the additional 20%, most of the items are aproximately HALF of retail.

I just got the 10 qt. stainless rondeau I've wanted for a while, for almost half the price at Williams-Sonoma and Amazon.

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  1. Uhm, that should read "an additional 20% OFF even single pieces."

    I'm obviously too excited by my new rondeau. :-)

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    1. re: Beckyleach

      Thanks for the tip, Becky. Does anyone know who sells All Clad skillets in the Plateau/Mile End area? I'd like to see what I'm getting.

      1. re: william_howard_taft

        You might try the Bay william howard. They started carrying AC here in Toronto. Otherwise specialty kitchen stores. I know there is one in your area but sadly I can't recall the name of it. I have bought some AC there, and it is very near the fairmont + st dominique intersection. If I recall the name I'll post it.

        1. re: knet

          Thanks, I found a shop on Laurier today that sells AC, but it was trop cher. The prices were about 3x vs. the website that Becky posted, but at least I was able to check it out. For that big a price difference, I'll buy something "irregular."

          1. re: william_howard_taft

            i have bought irregular and never really noticed any difference in that and the full price All Clad I have. Don't forget to factor in exchange rate and shipping though.

            1. re: william_howard_taft

              I have to agree with knet. Over the years, I've bought most of my All-Clad cookware from Cookware and More. You can't beat it. And very rarely have I ever been able to see any defect, much less a major one. A small scratch on the handle or outside of the pan. Nothing that would affect cooking or that wouldn't show up within a few weeks of regular use.

              Go ahead and buy from them. You won't regret it.

      2. I went to that site. I would have ordered a couple things but I didn't see any evidence of the second 20% discount.

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        1. re: rainey

          The prices are already lower than retail, and for now they're offering an additional 20%. I'm not sure where you got the impression of a second 20%. I've ordered several pieces over the years, just ordered a couple more. I always wait for the 20% off sale, and have always been pleased with what I received.

          1. re: rainey

            If you go here you'll see the 20% offer--it is on the home page, but not on the page the OP linked to.

          2. The original comment has been removed