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Oct 1, 2009 03:10 PM

Sunset Drinks at MIX

I have read many comments that having sunset drinks at MIX is great for the view etc. Is there a bar separate from the MIX Lounge? The lounge web site mentions cover charges. We just want nice cocktails and a few appetizers and enjoy the view before going elsewhere for dinner, Just want to make sure about the cover charges before going to that end of strip. Thanks.

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  1. Eat there - the food is just as good as the view if you select Ducasse classics. :-) There is no cover with dining.

    1. We went pretty much right after it opened (around 5 I believe), and there was no cover charge. We had our pick of seats to see the sights and enjoy a cocktail. Great view (even from the bathroom) and good drinks, though service was a bit lacking, perhaps because they never get anyone that early.