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Boston local food gift ideas?

I have a trip coming up and need to pick up a gift for my host. I would usually go for a bottle of wine, but I'm not sure they drink wine and I need something I can easily take on a plane. I was also hoping to get them something local. Price range is < $20.

Any ideas? The only thing I came up with was chocolate from Taza or Burdick's. Also, does anyone have tips on retailers who sell a good variety of Taza products? Most of the cafes in Somerville have the chocolate bars, but I haven't seen many places that sell their other products.

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  1. I'd bring a quart of maple syrup. Outside of New England, it's either ridiculously overpriced or completely unavailable.

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      Unless it's checked, they aren't going to let you past security with a quart of anything liquid.

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        But the OP could put syrup in his/her checked baggage (Ziploc, please!) - my vote would be for syrup if you are checking baggage. I have no idea about Taza, but I've often given Burdick's and they have been appreciated.


    2. Russo's has several local products on the shelves below the produce when you first walk in (to the right), I have purchased local cranberry honey for gift giving. They also have a nice selection of the Stonewall kitchen jams, not local but new england. I suggest Marty's for the Taza, last time I was in I recall an end-cap dedicated to it. I've been in a similar situation, only I was going to Hong Kong. I got maple candy in addition to other things.

      1. The best place to get Taza chocolate is at one of the farmer's markets they frequent (seems like most of them in Cambridge/Somerville, but I think they have a list on their website). Failing that, Whole Foods (Fresh Pond) has a decent selection, and Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis Square usually has most of their products. You can also buy gift bundles from the Taza website.

        That said, I'd probably second the suggestions for maple syrup, or if that is too much of a hassle for the plane, maybe maple sugar candy.

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          Most of the Whole Foods have very good selections of Taza...They also carry Effie's Oatcakes, and Corncakes, decadent, buttery biscuits made right in Hyde Park...

        2. I vote for a box of Serenade chocolates in Brookline. They are very local and excellent. The original owner and source of the chocolate recipes made in the store was a wonderful man who came from Europe after WW II.

          1. If they like sweets, I go for a box of sweet sloops from Harbor Sweets. Nice Boston or local theme, and fills the sweet tooth craving.

            1. just picked apples from the orchard

              1. Since I was just chatting with them yesteday at eh Dewy Square Farmers' Market, I'll recommend Effie's Oatcakes an Corncakes. This is a relatively new and extremely tasty local product. You could buy one of each and present them in a small gift bag for about $20.

                I discovered Effie's when I was preparing for an Irish Whiskey tasting last March. I was at Formaggio's Kitchen looking for nibbles to serve with the whiskey and Oatcakes were suggested. They were perfect for the task. Here's a link to both items,



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                  Formaggio Kitchen is a great idea- I've purchased different kinds of cured meats/salumi as gifts. They travel well, but they can be pretty potent smelling...

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                    No knocks on Formaggio Kitchen, but their best stuff isn't even from the US. :) I thought the OP wanted something local / Boston themed.

                2. I would go to the farmer's market in Harvard Square tomorrow (Tuesdays). They have Taza chocolates, a wide variety and cheaper than the stores. Also, local honey, syrup, jams, bread (When Pigs Fly; recommend chocolate; they aren't there every week, though), sometimes smoked fish. I'd totally recommend getting some smoked local bluefish from Nantucket something something Smokers.

                  One of the syrup stands sells a cool hunk of maple sugar you can use with a grater, and it stores pretty much indefinitely.

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                    You read my mind! I was also going to suggest the hard maple sugar bar at the Harvard University Farmers Market as an alternative to maple syrup (you meant Harvard University, not Harvard Square) It is located in front of the Science Center. Q's Nuts also has great homemade flavored nuts in gift-sized packages and Taza brings their chocolate-toting-bike as well.