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Oct 1, 2009 02:41 PM

Sushi Buffet / All You Can Eat?

I just moved to Chicago. I noticed there were suggestions for Sushi places but I'm interested in a buffet / all you can eat style. I'm trying to organize a reasonably cheap ($20 or so) work lunch or dinner that is close to Sears Tower area. Can any one suggest a good place for Sushi all you can eat / buffet style?

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  1. Chicago might be in the middle of nowhere, but the price of Sushi is the same anywhere.
    Sushi is not Sushi if it was cheap. Unless you want to get sick from tainted raw fish, you might want to just make your own batch of Sushi. No chance of cheap Sushi in Downtown Chicago.
    You can go to a Whole Foods Grocer Store and buy a fresh pack of Sushi and eat inside the stalls, but there's no Buffet for Sushi.
    No Sushi for you!
    Have fun exploring Chicago's Sushi Underground.