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Oct 1, 2009 01:43 PM

Zaitoon Mediterranean Fiests - Durham

I saw their Grand Opening ad in the Indy today. I haven't been but I'm curious about their claiming to be 100% Halal/Kosher. I'm quite sure that they're Halal but I seriously doubt that they're Kosher. No menu online that I can find, but the ad lists American burgers and subs and Greek salad. As far as I know, those dishes generally have cheese. If they're serving both meat and cheese in the same dish, they are not kosher. Also, I see no kosher certifying agency or rabbi listed in the ad. And, as far as I know, there is no meat processor that has both halal and generally acceptable kosher certification.

So, does anyone know anything about their food and/or their religious dietary claims?

Zaitoon Mediterranean Fiesta & Clay Pit Indian Restaurant
4852 Hwy 55 (Junction of Hwy 55 & Hwy 54)

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  1. There was an article about Clay Pit (4853 N.C. 55, Durham; 806-2100) by Greg Cox in the N&O a few weeks ago. The article said the restaurant was Halal. Nothing about Kosher.

    The food was described as "Clay Pit is named for the tandoori oven in which many of the restaurant's Indian specialties and breads are baked. There's also a sampling of the tandoori beef fare of owner Jaffery Mubarak's native Pakistan, as well as an assortment of curries (chicken, lamb and beef), vegetarian dishes and variations on the biryani theme. The cuisines of Greece and the Middle East are well represented, too, by an offering ranging from hummus and baba ghanoush to spanakopita and moussaka. "

    I don't know about Zaitoon Mediterranean Fiesta.

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      I suspect they might be using the term "kosher" as an explanation for the meaning of "halal" as designating a religious certification - as in " this is the Muslim equivalent of kosher". A lot more people are familiar with the term "kosher" than with "halal".

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      1. Perhaps, but kosher and halal are not the same thing, at least to people who keep kosher. The intent may be innocent but the end result is misleading, nonetheless.

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          I agree and that should be pointed out, but I strongly suspect it was innocent.