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Oct 1, 2009 01:41 PM

Where Has the Orzo Gone?

Ok, maybe it's a Princeton-specific problem... So, I've been to McCaffrey's, Whole Foods, and Whole Earth and I cannot find Orzo anywhere! Not in the bulk bins, not in a package. I did see some at the Italian deli stand in the Trenton Farmers' Market, but it was Sunday, so they were closed.

Is it just me or is there something I should know about Orzo?!

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  1. I had the same dilemma on Monday! Stood in the rice/pasta aisle forever at Wegmans looking for it. Nothing. Went to McCaffrey's Princeton and found it - blue Barilla box in the pasta section. Went back to Wegman's today and see they have lots of Orzo in the Wegman's brand pasta section with the green box. Guess I was blinded on Monday. : )

    1. Could have sworn I saw it at Whole Foods when I was there last week...

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        Not as far as I could see, although we didn't look in the bulk bins last week, just yesterday (still nothing).

        However, my Mom finally remembered to ask someone at one of the aforementioned markets. Turns out that orzo is apparently a major hit at the Jewish Holidays, so local markets were sold out! Go my grandmother (who never served orzo at Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur) would've said.

        Not to belabor this point, but Mom and I were pretty surprised. After all, between her grandmother, mother, and the two of us, we've been cooking for the holidays for generations! I thought, hmm, perhaps a Sephardic tradition? But really, how many Sephardim are there in the greater Princeton area? We're not exactly living near Deal...

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          Whole Foods definitely had it because I got an organic box of the stuff. Don't know if they have it now.

        2. ShopRite and Kings always has it.........Barella and Ronzoni are 2 brands

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            Is there a Kings near Princeton? I thought they were all up in N Jersey (though there used to be one briefly in Voorhees, which closed well over 10 years ago).

          2. I bought some last weekend at Trader Joe's.