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Oct 1, 2009 01:16 PM

Dulce's The Art of Mexican Cuisine... Feedback

This place just opened a few weeks ago or less but was wondering if anyone has tried it yet.

They have a website, but they haven't posted the menu yet. Wondering if it will be similar to Fonda.

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  1. Yes I can help you out! I have been once and it was a few weeks after opening.

    Dulce's is an upper class Mexican Cuisine, not to be confused with the likes of Z'Tejas. The environment is very cold. You can see they spent their money to impress by the art deco style silverware and disturbing statues of triangle-headed beings.

    They serve their home made chips with a red salsa, green salsa and refried beans. Some of the chips puffed out in the oil and make a tortilla fried balloon. The others did not puff out and are thick and hard. None of the chips are enjoyable to eat and the salsas are not incredible by any means. Your regular local hole in the wall mexican restaurant has better salsa.

    The plates start out around $15, no lunch specials that I could find. I ordered the ancho chile enchiladas for $16 I believe. The plate came out beautiful, enchiladas gathered around a fancy little salad served with beans and rice. The enchiladas would of been just okay if the ancho chile sauce was not present. The sauce was extremely bitter to the taste, I scraped all of it off to finish my $16 plate. I will eat anything and am not picky by any means, so when I say this was not edible I mean it.

    The manager strolled by my table because the place was empty. He asked how the food was. I told him about the bitter ancho sauce and he said he would go taste it. I don't know why he wouldn't take my word for it. So, I waited for him to come back, when 5 minutes rolled around I paid and left.

    When I'm hungry for mexican food I think of real food with a bit of grease and soul. Dulce's however is nowhere near what you would call mexican food, very disappointed to say the least and way over priced. Stay clear Austin.

    1. Apparently this guy "Matt Wilson" idea of Mexican cusine is closer to taco bell and taco cabana, not surprise tho, most of us residents have very limited acces to the real thing
      but we are floded with the unhealthy and gross hibryd TEXMEX crap,like Chuys trudys Matts etc etc,
      about the following review well I hate to say it but Matt cant be further from the true maybe he is related to Matts el rancho?

      The decor is not art deco is what you will find in the city of Guadalajara a city fill with a very rich design culture.

      the silverware is iron rustic Oh and those disturbing "triangle headed beings" are the work of an international sculpturing maestro Sergio Bustamente who has been chosen by the mexican goverment to create official gifts, the tortilla chips unlike all the restaurants in town are fried in light olive virgin oli not PEANUT oil the plates start at 7,95 and include a beauthiful presented Salmon dish, Chile ancho has a natural bitter after taste just like mole,guajillo and some other sauces again if you expect a pile of tortillas smothered in jalapeno queso this is not the place for you,real mexican food does not have grease unless you are eating in the poor side of town taqueria in polanco, my suggestion to you MATT is that you do your research before you decide to post a review and that next time you feel like eat mexican food please stop by 3 amigos.

      Dulces Mexican Restaurant
      11200 Lakeline Mall Dr, Cedar Park, TX 78613

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      1. re: Caesar1

        beware the first-time poster flaming a not-stellar review (and very grammatically incorrect, i may add, if not politically incorrect).

          1. re: dinaofdoom

            Considering he knows precisely how the restaurant is decorated and how the chips are fried, I would say that this is indeed someone who works for the restaurant. Previously, I would have given this restaurant a chance; now, I wouldn't dare step inside it.

            1. re: verily

              Plus, I don't think I want to eat ANYTHING that's fried in the oil of light olive virgins.

              1. re: bookgrrl72

                i couldn't find a menu online so i guess i will have to swing by and try it for myself.
                i live in the area and am always on the lookout for new options, but i have to say it's hard to beat the food at the divey but delicious la tapatia.

                1. re: dinaofdoom

                  aha! found it. unfortunately, it doesn't list prices or mention if there is a (cheaper) lunch menu.

                  1. re: dinaofdoom

                    is that the one at the 1431/Bell Northwest corner? I need to try that!

                    1. re: NWLarry

                      I think dinaofdoom goes to the La Tapatia at 183 and Anderson Mill. The La Tapatia at 1431/Bell Northwest is not owned by the same people as the Anderson Mill location and is not nearly as delicious. We have moved to 1431 and drive to the Anderson Mill location instead. The 1431 location is still "okay" though.

                      1. re: missmitzi

                        you are indeed correct, missmitzi.
                        and i finally tried the green salsa, which was really an emulsion of green chile and oil, and god was it good!

                        1. re: dinaofdoom

                          Thank you for the heads up on La Tapatia. I have been considering trying that one on 1431 for a while but noted I need to head to the one on Anderson Mill instead.

                          1. re: dinaofdoom

                            where's the one at 183 and Anderson Mill.

                            I went to the one on 1431 at lunch...I probably like the taco trailer on Anderson Mill/Pond Springs more.

                            1. re: NWLarry

                              i believe you are referring to the el polloron taco truck.
                              some people have mentioned here but i haven't tried it yet.

                              la tapatia is in the same mall space as reale's and jocks and rhinos, etc.

                            2. re: dinaofdoom

                              Glad you liked it! I sometimes go there just to order something to eat the green sauce on. Mmmmmmmmmmm

              2. i ate here last night with my family and the chips and food was tasty and plentiful.i loved the sauces on my enchiladas and the presentation was great,Compared to the texmex it rocks as it more like a san antonio resturaunt then the ones here.the flan also was great.