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Oct 1, 2009 01:04 PM

Padma is pregnant!

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    1. re: MattInNJ

      well, I don't care (tho I'm happy for her if she was trying for that). However, I surely did click onto this thread right away! ;O

    2. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but who cares?

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      1. re: invinotheresverde

        I'm with you. Why isn't this in People magazine or some other silly celebrity rag?

        1. re: invinotheresverde

          uuuummm this is the food and media board....last time I checked she is on a food show...and yes you were being a jerk....and btw if you don't care don't open the post :)

          1. re: LaLa

            I realize the board. I just didn't get the correlation between some woman none of us knows having a kid and a food website. ;)

          2. re: invinotheresverde

            Don't worry, I feel the same way.

            I actually opened the thread to see what on earth people could talk about.

            1. re: invinotheresverde

              I'm sure that those who watch the show care because it might effect her ability to judge next season.

              1. re: viperlush

                I watch the show faithfully and still don't care. If I knew her personally, that'd be different, but she's an underqualified judge on a food show. Yawn.

            2. This link has a good photo of her from the very recent Emmys.


              1. this women is overrated, who is the fater?

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                  1. re: Reignking

                    I just fell over laughing as that is timely and hysterical! Nonetheless, I'm not even sure that Mr. Late Night has enough money to keep the flake that Padma is happy!

                    I would love to see the guest judges and hosts such as Padma, Gail, Toby, and all of the other talking heads that have appeared over the past few years who are not chefs actually cook. Especially "Mr Sensitive" Oseland who edits the pathetic publication known as _Saveur_. Could you actually see any of them in some of those competitions/quickfires?

                    1. re: vinhotinto75

                      Since when do you have to be able to cook like a chef to know what good food tastes like or looks like when presented nicely plated? They obviously know good food - Gail wouldn't have her job at Food & Wine otherwise.

                      As for the other comments from others - I'm happy for Padma, considering the extreme difficulty in actually getting pregnant with endometriosis.

                      1. re: vinhotinto75

                        Vinhotinto- you must not be aware that Gail got her culinary degree from the NYC Institute of Culinary Education and apprenticed at Le Cirque and Vong...among her other food-related experiences. James Oseland doesn't have a culinary degree, but teaches cooking at ICE and won a James Beard Award for his cookbook- so he probably has some culinary skills as well.

                        I don't like the movie star judges that they have on, who have no food background- especially when they have all these limitations...vegan + gluten free, etc.- but just because someone hasn't owned their own restaurant doesn't mean they're not qualified to judge food (e.g. Gail Simmons).

                        1. re: vinhotinto75

                          Funny that you would call Mr. Oseland's magazine pathetic as it is the only magazine in the entire food category doing well on the newsstand and the only one to win an editorial award from it's peers this year. He must be doing something right..

                          1. re: vinhotinto75

                            Wow, vinhotinto75 is vastly misinformed (and apparently primarily interested his hater credibility.) I'm thrilled that Oseland is a regular judge on Top Chef - his Cradle of Flavor book is fantastic. I finally had to buy it, after wearing a path to the library dragging it back and forth.

                            As for Padma, it would be hilarious if she blogged her food cravings and diet for the duration. She is a graceful host in a kinda-dumb job, and I hope they don't have to replace her. TV hosting is way harder than it looks!

                            1. re: pitu

                              Thank you for choosing my gender! I'm glad that people love to make assumptions about who is uninformed... Yes, I'm aware that Gail went to culinary school, yet there are tons of parallels one could make based on education and qualifications. Of all of the judges, I really do not have a problem with Gail. Still, it would be fun to see them get a dose of reality like many of the better known US chefs got in TCM.

                              Furthermore, just because a certain publication or business operation is at least breaking even doesn't mean that it contains quality writing, editing, etc. I *personally* do not care for _Saveur_ because I find the reporting, recipes, and writing uninspiring. Also, like many magazines, it contains more advertising and annoying subscription cards than actual content. I find other pubs such as _Wine Spectator_ equally annoying and lackluster in content.

                              Additionally, I just found Oseland on TCM a bit too sensitive and overly critical of some of the chefs. Still, it is just Reality TV and nothing more...

                          2. re: Reignking

                            Quick quip. :)

                            I'm happy for her; seems like it's been quite a struggle to conceive. Kid will be beautiful.

                              1. re: dolly52

                                And while everyone was speculating about Gail....

                              2. she looks so lovely in that picture!