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Oct 1, 2009 01:00 PM

Dinner w/ Winemaker?

I will be in San Francisco the end of October and was hoping to attend a winemakers dinner somewhere in the area. I have been looking online but not finding much....anyone know of any happening? Oct 29-Nov 1. Thanks so much!

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  1. Try Local Wine Events. A quick glance at the October listings shows a lot happening. Ones that jump out at me as particularly noteworthy are Martine Saunier's French tasting (she's an importer, not a winemaker, but has in incredible portfolio, very knowledgeable); Pinot on the River, up in Sonoma (worth a drive if you love Pinot); Owen Roe retailer tasting (small lot wines from WA); Domaine Carneros dinner on the 26th; the Cinq Cepages blending seminar....It's too bad you won't be here in mid-October because that's Wine & Spirits Magazine's Top 100 tasting, always an incredible event with world class wines and many of the winemakers on hand...Here the link:

    1. Winemakers are still very busy with fermentations then. The harvest is a bit late, and some of the red wines will barely be in the tank.

      Winemaker dinners are usually held January through July, at restaurants throughout the nation, and are listed on the winery's website and through Local Wine Events at Just select your area.

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          there's a guy in the bay area named Bruce Paton, who does some quite interesting pairings with food and beer, which has a broader flavor profile than wine, if you're interested.