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Oct 1, 2009 12:54 PM

Ultimate Asian restaurants in OC

It seems to me that there was a thread like this several months ago. I can't find. Could someone either direct me to it, or let's start a new one.

With so many Asian ethnicities heavily represented in OC, what are the two or three very best restaurants in each category?

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  1. Thai - Thai Nakorn in Garden Grove or Stanton

    Vietnamese - Brodard -This is a tough one. I think the strange thing about Vietnamese restaurants is that each restaurant is strong at a couple dishes with the rest being OK. There could be a whole post just subdividing Vietnamese dishes and what restaurants make the best.

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      1. re: Tony

        I think that Thai Nakorn is closed in Garden Grove. Is the Stanton restaurant as good?

        1. re: josephnl

          The Garden Grove location of Thai Nakorn just reopened last month.

          To add to the list, for Cantonese Chinese food, my favorite is SW Seafood in Irvine. For dim sum, King Lobster Palace and Seafood Paradise are my top two choices. Many others like China Garden.

          1. re: Tony

            While I liked their rolls, I've never understood the love for Brodard. To me, it seems like the place somebody would enjoy if they also thought Lee's Sandwiches had the best bahn mi.

            1. re: hobbess

              That's the reason, the rolls. But I do enjoy their duck salad as well. BTW...not a big fan of Lee's.

          2. Japanese: Honda ya (Tustin) for izakaya, Santouka (Costa Mesa) for ramen, Tsuruhashi (Fountain Valley) for Koreanish BBQ & Shibucho (Costa Mesa) for sushi.

            Chinese: Ten Ten Seafood (Anaheim)

            dim sum: King Lobster Palace (Orange) & Ten Ten Seafood (Anaheim)

            Indian: Royal Kyber (Santa Ana)
            I believe Little India in Artesia is in LA County proper, so while close, I didn't include those restaurants.

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            1. re: OCAnn

              Also for Japanese, Shin Sen Gumi in Fountain Valley for yakitori.

              1. re: OCAnn

                Do you know if Honda Ya (Tustin) is open for lunch? I'm looking for other good Japanese restaurants open for lunch in the Tustin area, any suggestions?

                1. re: tammykazem

                  Honda Ya is not open for lunch. They open only for dinner.

                2. re: OCAnn

                  hey ann for the dim sum places are these cart places or check list places? and how do they compare to the elite's, nbc's, empress harbor's in la

                  1. re: peppermonkey

                    These are cart places. I haven't been out to LA for dim sum in years; hopefully, someone else can speak to that....

                3. Cafe Hiro in Cypress for modern Japanese

                  1. I'll enter Bluefin for sushi!

                    1. Favori for the whole baked catfish. Not sure if there are other places in Little Saigon that do it better, but Favori's always the first name that pops into mind when I think of that dish. It's really worth trying out if you've never had it before. I like to think of it as the fish equivalent of Peking Duck...except with more herbs!

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                        If you don't mind listening to karaoke (usually there's a wedding or some special get-together going on), try Royal Seafood Restaurant. Ca nuong is one of my favorite dishes, and this place makes it the best in Orange County, imho. I tried Favori and thought it tasted muddy. It's only open on weekends!

                        Royal Seafood Restaurant
                        12342 Brookhurst St, Garden Grove, CA 92840