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Napa Valley Conundrum for Thanksgiving? Any Restaurants Open and Worth Experiencing?

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I am looking for some help as I will be staying away from my home to be with my girlfriend and her mom in Napa this Thanksgiving. We are staying in Napa, and someone recommended Auberge Soleils 4 course dinner which is $105 excluding wine. I was hoping Bottega would be open but unfortunately it will be closed. Anybody have some previous experiences in the area that are noteable?

Thanks In Advance!!


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  1. I understand Celadon is open, so I dont know if this is a place worth going to.

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      Farm at The Carneros Inn is open and has a special menu for Thanksgiving. I haven't tried it, however. Beautiful restaurant, great bar... open late.

      Would love to hear your post Thanksgiving review of wherever you go.

    2. We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner several years ago at Auberge du Soleil. I assume they're still doing them. Kind of pricey for what you were served, as I recall.

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        Yes, I spoke to Auberge Soleil's restaurant and they are offering a Thanksgiving dinner at $105 excluding wine. Celadon has a better offer at $55, and their regular menu is available too.

      2. Last year we went to Meadowood for Thanksgiving dinner. They offered two different experiences. One dining room was formal and more traditional and the other was more casual. I don't know if they're offering it again this year, but we had a delicious meal that was fairly traditional but with a few Napa twists. I would definitely recommend it if you are in the area.

        1. I noticed OpenTable posted their list here: http://www.opentable.com/promo.aspx?m...
          Click on "neighborhood" to sort - Napa shows FARM, and Domaine Chandon & Hurley's are open in Yountville. Many more options exist in Sonoma, too, if you're up for a scenic drive.

          1. How about Brix? I haven't had their Thanksgiving but was just there for a fabulous brunch. Great food, excellent service, warm/comfortable atmosphere. Thanksgiving is $62/pp for 3 courses.

            1. Several (many?) years ago I had a mid-afternoon Thanksgiving dinner outside on the deck at Auberge du Soleil. The food was good, probably alone not really worth the high $, but the experience was world class. It was one of those sunny and cool winter days, they had heaters on the deck, and as we looked out over low-sun-lit Napa Valley while drinking a glass of very good wine, eating quite good food, and being well served, we realized that people came from all over the world to experience just what we were experiencing. And we had only to drive about an hour instead of fly thousands of miles.

              1. Are both your girlfriend and her mother into food, wine, atmosphere? It's not clear to me what you are looking for exactly.

                I haven't had a Thanksgiving meal in Napa; I have enjoyed other meals at both Celadon and Auberge du Soleil. Auberge has been, in my experience, a considerably more expensive meal. Was the quality of the food worth the difference in cost? Overall, probably no. But the atmosphere is very different and sometimes that makes it worth it.

                Celadon is in the little town that is Napa. You are either seated in an interior courtyard (weather permitting) or inside. At Auberge, if the weather permits, you can be outside looking over vineyards.

                I haven't eaten at FARM, but have been to Boon Fly, which is also at the Carneros Inn. Based upon my experiences at Boon Fly and what I've read about FARM, I would also consider it.

                If budget isn't an issue, I think any of these restaurants are worth experiencing. If budget is an issue, I would pick Celadon.