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Oct 1, 2009 12:29 PM

Anniversary dinner in MKE -- narrowing it down

In two weeks my husband and I are celebrating our anniversary with "Spring Awakening" at the Marcus Center, and we'd love to have a great meal before the show. Depending on what we find, we might do an anniversary dinner on Sunday in Madison and a smaller dinner the Saturday before.

We've been to Bartolotta's Lake Park Bistro (very good, but more expensive than I'm looking for this time) and Coquette (excellent). We also loved Three Brothers.

I'm considering Sanford, Sala da Pranzo or Crazy Water. We recently had a great meal at the Hinterland in Green Bay, so that's definitely on the list too.

We'll probably bring a bottle of good wine and pay corkage (buying a couple of glasses after the show, maybe). We're young and on a budget, but we want to celebrate. Rec's?

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  1. Well is Lake Park Bistro is more expensive than what you are looking for at this time, Sanford will be over your budget too.
    Crazy Water is a great choice, it is very small. I would make a reservation and ask for the table in the window.
    The Hinterland in Milwaukee on Erie st is an excellent restaurant. Great ambiance, friendly and knowledgeable waitstaff, and a creative menu that changes daily. They also offer a small plate menu in addition to the lounge menu as well as a separate menu for the main dining room.

    1. I would recommend Chez Jacques in Walker's Point. I dont know what their corkage situation is, but a call will give you an answer.

      I can also strongly advise Meritage at 60th & Vliet for both food and ambiance, although Chez Jacques is closer to downtown.

      1. I agree with Fydeaux on both recommendations & would add the Coquette in the 3rd Ward would be another affordable, but elegant dinner.

        1. Your list is a good one so I don't think you'll go wrong. I'll chime in to say Sala is very good. I don't know what time the show starts, or whether that's an issue. But if you wanted something very close, Zarletti is a good choice too.