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Oct 1, 2009 12:24 PM

Cute Lunch Place? - Greenwich/Stamford/Norwalk

A friend is having a baby shower that a few of us won't be able to attend.
So we're looking for alternate lunch spots in the area to take her out to for a nice lunch and to 'shower' her with more gifts.
Are there any lunch places in the area that you would recommend? We could also do Port Chester or New Canaan, Westport even.

Looking to go next weekend.


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  1. For how many people. I love Nicholas Roberts in Norwalk. It's not big on atmosphere (and not a whole lot of seating, but you can probably get 10 or so guests at a big table there), but the food is fantastic.

    1. osetra in sono...terrific!

      1. Chez Jean Pierre on Bedford Street in Stamford has a great, reasonable lunch and a very attractive back room you can get for the party.

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          I think both l'escale & Jean louis in Greenwich do a $29.95 price fix lunch

          1. re: stevel

            I think that Jean-Pierre's is $19.95, but definitely call to confirm if price is an issue.

        2. cute is nessa,port chester/greenwich line