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Oct 1, 2009 11:48 AM

How do I Wow the Crowd??? Need Ideas for a catered lunch for 300.

I've done this for years and usually go with the old standbys of Chuy's, Rudy's, PF Changs, etc. All have been great, all have come through, but I want to bring in something that would really shock everyone and something they'd be very excited to eat.

All guests are from Austin, prelim budget is $15 a head or less but I have some latitude to go above if justified. Not concerned right now on who has the capability to cater, I want to know what you'd be impressed with if your company brought it in. Thank you!


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  1. Here's two ideas that will wow your crowd.

    How about at the dump. There is a great place out by the dump just east of Austin. Great facility. Call Clarence Vogel at the Manchaca Fire Hall Kitchen to get the phone number there. His 50th wedding aniversary was there. He caters great fried catfish.

    I have heard about this other place. Google "ghost town in manor". Looks like a small western town. You can have caterers bring food there. Says the burgers there are the best.

    Don't know the cost of either, but I think either would wow and be something different.

    1. I would be impressed with things I haven't had an opportunity to try very much of...

      Good, lean, unusual meats (buffalo, TENDER cooked venison, etc.)

      Greek food is rarely seen at catered events. Seems like that would translate well. Mediteranean is healthy and beautiful. (Athenian Grill?)

      I want to say sushi, but I'd have to really trust the prep and temperature of it to enjoy it.

      Here's what I think has been done...wraps, meatballs, big chunks of fruit, sweets that are too sweet...

      You are a very thoughtful host(ess?). I'm sure it will be great fun, whatever you choose.

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        Chon Som's chef Nat does a very big catering for sushi