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Oct 1, 2009 11:47 AM

Ballard Recommendations

My husband and I are getting away for a Seattle evening in Ballard. We plan to see a show at the Tractor and we were hoping for a delicious dinner somewhere beforehand. We don't get out much these days with small children, so we were hoping for something special. Our hotel is actually in downtown Seattle (Waterfront Mariott on Alaskan Way), so it's possible to eat near the hotel and then drive to Ballard afterward. Any recommendations?

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  1. I am really liking Bastille, been twice since opening. Then you can walk to Tractor.

    Also faves: Volterra, Moshi Moshi - also walking to Tractor.

    other tasty spots, such as Ocho or Carta de Oaxaca may not be ambiance you seek.

    1. Senior Moose is about 2 blocks away. Ambiance is clattery and kitchy, but the food is good. For special, try Elemental Next Door or The Art of The Table, Ray's, Stumbling Goat.

      1. Bastille is a really good choice- I also like Volterra in Ballard.

        Downtown there is more than a few good choices by your hotel or very near to it... If you are coming this month the Urban Eats 3 for $30 deal is happening and has more than a few attractive choices ( Union, Stumbing Goat, Carmelita, Crush, Travolata, Anchovie & Olives... If not- I like Barolo (amazing happy hour for food and wonderful ambiance) and Restaurant Zoe for your requirements...

        1. I would say Volterra if you feel like Italian or Moshi Moshi for Japanese. I love Bastille but I've heard complaints about the noise level which might not be conducive for a special dinner for two.

          1. Volterra or Bastille are great.