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Special Anniversary Dinner in Dallas

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We're flying in from NYC to take my inlaws out to dinner for their 40th anniversary. There will be eight of us altogether. Price is not an issue but we're looking for an exciting special dining experience and most importantly good food. I don't know Dallas beyond that of playing tourist so your suggestions are much appreciated!

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  1. Either Lola or York Street.

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      I have had many excellent meals at York Street but definitely would not consider it for the dinner you propose. Also, Lola is closing soon.

    2. I'd consider Al Biernat's. Excellent food and service and you might get to see a famous Dallasite or two.

      Al Biernat's
      4217 Oak Lawn Ave.
      Dallas, Texas 75219

      1. Although, not the first choice for myself, I would however consider taking them to Wolfgang Puck's, 560 at Reunion Tower. That's where I would take "out of towners".
        Otherwise, Stephan Pyles would be a good choice. In as much as I do love Sharon Hage and York Street, I would think a place (like Stephan Pyles) would give you a "livelier" ambience.
        Or for that matter, Abacus would work as well.

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          Stephen Pyles for sure. He's Dallas' best celeb chef with books and tv shows and food that is unforgettable five star service. York St and Lola's are popular with slow food groupees but the food is not interesting or cutting edge like Stephen Pyles or Abacus.

        2. I might suggest Aurora. I've only been there once. It was a wedding gift, and it was a truly special experience.

          Aurora Restaurant
          4216 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219

          1. Some other fancy ones are:
            Fearings at the Ritz-Carlton
            Charlie Palmer at the Joule
            Stephan Pyles Restauant
            Craft at Victory Park
            Mercury Grill is good..not as fancy but upscale....

            1. I would consider:

              -Screen Door (excellent, upscale Southern comfort food)
              -Suze (small neighborhood spot - not great drive-up appeal (in a shopping center), but great food and an intimate setting)
              -Stephan Pyles as someone mentioned before... we've had very good meals there
              -The French Room (@ the Hotel Adolphus downtown; very fancy but an experience you will likely not be able to top easily in Dallas!)

              Have a wonderful celebration wherever you choose!

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                Try and get the private wine room at Stephan Pyle's. You will have a great time. The food is wonderful and it is a scene. There are other places with top notch food (Aurora, French Room, Mansion, York Street), but with a party of 8 celebrating, you don't want to be whispering!

                Fearing would also be a good choice because like Stephan Pyles, he represents Dallas cooking.

                A big steakhouse experience would be fun. At Al Biernet's, you will be treated wonderfully and there may be a celebrity in the house. At Nick and Sam's, you will have fun at the bar, with complimentary caviar and see the piano player playing in the open kitchen. It too is a big, festive very nice scene and a great special occasion place.

                The recommendation of 560 is a good one because it combines a touristy experience with good food (albeit part of the Wolfgang Puck chain), but for dining with a view, you should consider Nana at the Hilton Anotole. The chef at Nana is doing some aggressive molecular gastronomy stuff that would be fun for a party and the view is spectacular.