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Oct 1, 2009 11:32 AM

good thai in Leslieville/Riverside area?

I have some relatives coming from out of town, one of whom has gluten allergies. I know they all like thai food and figure asian has a good chance of no gluten. However being new to the Leslieville area, I'm not sure where to go? We'd be willing to venture out a little further for a really great restaurant. They are all over 70 so just another thing to keep in mind (maybe nothing too crazy atmospherically speaking :-) Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

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  1. Just cross the bridge to Parliament and go to Sukhothai. Search the board, it gets a lot of rave reviews around here. I think it's the most authentic Thai I've tasted in the city.

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      I'd like to thank everyone who mentioned Sukhothai recently. Definitely not too far from Leslieville. High marks from our party of four on the iced tea, the khao soi, and the gaeng masaman. I think I would have preferred the pad thai with a bit more lime, but it was still good once I changed my expectations from what one generally gets in Toronto as pad thai.

      Atmosphere is very loud, very tiny. Clean. Several steps, which might be an issue if there are mobility problems for the relatives.

      274 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

    2. Lemongrass (Thai/Vietnamese) has a section of their menu that is "gluten-free". Four locations to choose from.