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Oct 1, 2009 11:19 AM

Going to Montreal end of Oct. Are these good choices?

We have reservations already, but we have time to change:

La Chronique, Europea, La Colombe

I had planned to go to Toque, but there are so many mixed reviews circulating, we decided these were safer picks.

We picked La Colombe because it is BYO and we wanted at least one semi-reasonable dinner.

Any suggestions on a great place to buy wine to bring?

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  1. SAQ. Location depends where you are staying and where you are going to . Are you from the States? If so, you need to understand that the best wine is in the government run stores. The depanneur selection isn't too great.

    1. The SAQ at the corner of St-Denis and Duluth is closest to La Colombe. It has a decent selection for a Classique branch and has extended opening hours.

      1. La Colombe's OK but Le P'tit Plateau is the city's best BYO, one of the few that would rank high even if it had a wine list. (Owner Alain Loivel is the chef who put Au Petit Extra on the map.)

        If you're staying downtown, the best stores are the Sélection ot 440 De Maisonneuve West and the high-end Signature on Ste-Catherine just west of University. The Classique outlets on St-Laurent just south of Prince Arthur and, as SnackHappy mentions, St-Denis just north of Duluth, are quite serviceable, stocked largely with BYOBers in mind.

        1. If you like wine or at least have an idea what you like i'd steer clear of the Plateau SAQ's as they are bottom level heavy (apart from Beaubien, i could be wrong but that was my impression when i lived there for 4 years).... as a sommelier i like the signature store but it's limited for mid range wines.... the one next to Atwater market (face du marche) is best in my opinion for finding QPR wine selections.... this is partly because it services many restaurants and they find their better value wines there to resell. I highly recommend the new arrival of the Vezelay white from Domaine de la Cadette for a good reasonable (aprox 20)... for red i'd go with the corsican red from domaine Alzipratu ....

          1. as to your choices.... i'm not a fan of Europea, but i'm going to give it another shot at some point as it's talked of highly here.... La Chronique can be hit or miss (partly depends who is cooking)..... i've never been to La Colombe, so i can't give a comment.
            other resto's to look at are Au Pied du Cochon, DNA, Joe Beef or Liverpool House, Au Cinquieme Peche.....