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Oct 1, 2009 10:57 AM

Chanterelle shutters

This is too bad, I never got the chance to eat there.

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  1. Really sad. I had several lovely dinners and lunches there (I hadn't been there in a number of years though). It will be missed!

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    1. re: ellenost

      They are renovating the restuarant! they didnt shutter

      1. re: CHEF_DE_CUISINE

        Actually, the statement from the Waltucks at the link above confirms that Chanterelle is closed for good.

        1. re: hcbk0702

          sure its sad but ask yrself...when do we ever discuss this restaurant on chowhound? its one of those restaurants that is well known and popular and loved...but no one talks about it.

          ive been to a party there but never went on my own. it just never registered with me as a likely place to have a fine dining meal.

          1. re: sam1

            Well, I had seen it mentioned repeatedly until they decided to undergo renovations. I was waiting for a special event like an anniversary to go. Oh well, all hail the rise of creative comfort food but ode to fancy feasts in NYC for the time being.

            1. re: sam1

              I don't post on here very much, so maybe my experience is not relevant to your first paragraph. To me Chanterelle was the perfect classic and classy restaurant. Eating there was like being invited to someone's home, the food was always excellent, the setting is elegant, and the staff members made you feel comfortable and well, loved. For some reason it was under the radar (eg not mentioned on chowhound a lot) which I loved, but in restrospect I wish they had a bit more of the hype some newer restaurants seem to get these days.

            1. re: CHEF_DE_CUISINE

              That's an old NYC scam, they say renovation but really are closing. Cedar Tavern also said they were renovating, that was 5 years ago.