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Oct 1, 2009 10:21 AM

Jordan Almonds disappearing from stores?

I used to be able to get Jordan Almonds [or non brand specific equivalent] at CVS and other drug stores -- they were also standard in the grocery store candy aisle. About a year ago, however, they seem to have disappeared from my usual places. I find it all very...odd! Any other J.A. fans noticed this? Anyone know the reason? Or have suggestions on standard New England stores that still carry them?

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  1. You can find them at most Italian Bakeries.

    1. I think you can still get them at some italian bakeries?? I know when I got married my mom insisted on bowls of them on the dessert table and we bought them at Lucibellos in New Haven

      1. If you're in south eastern Connecticut, Arrow Paper Party Store always has them, or you could probably find them anywhere that has wedding craft stuff, hence the Arrow Paper Party Store.

        1. Funny, I just noticed these yesterday at Rite Aid pharmacy here in VT!

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            Good tip Raedia! This is what I'm looking for -- a store that's on my usual routes and not a specialty place. I'll check out Rite-Aid tomorrow. Thanks!

          2. I know you can get them at Phillps Candy House/Dorchester, MA, but they're very expensive. Also there's a bulk candy store on Rt 18 in Whitman, called Pinches and Pounds, that has them at very reasonable prices. I'd check that out.