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Oct 1, 2009 09:31 AM

Romantic Dinner with Live music and dancing (jazz preferred)

Hi all,

A colleague of mine is bringing his wife to NYC for their 22nd wedding anniversary. He asked me to recommend a great restaurant that meets the following criteria - about $200-250 total including food and maybe one glass of wine each, white tablecloth, quiet enough to talk, romantic ambiance, live jazz and dancing. He would prefer something where they would not be rushed, where they could get up and dance and then return to the table.

That's all pretty specific and since I tend to love places more like little owl and perilla, I am at a complete loss as to what to recommend! I would have recommended the Rainbow Room (with a caveat on budget), but what about now? Does anyone have any thoughts? A friend pointed me to the Oak Room at the Algonquin Hotel, but I don't know anyone who has been there. I also saw Roth's Westside Steakhouse, but I'm unsure on volume or dancing. I don't think Blue Smoke / Jazz Standard will be what they are looking for.

Any suggestions that meet even a portion of the requests would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!


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  1. The Rainbow Room is closed. Unfortunately, there is no restaurant that meets *all* your friends requirements.

    We just had dinner at the new SHO Shaun Hergatt. Though there is music, it is not live, and there's no dancing. In every other way, it meets his requirements big time!

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      My colleague had originally booked into the Marriott Financial District on points and I suggested he move to the Marquis since they have theatre tickets and it's so much more central. I will feel bad if I recommend a place way downtown after he moved! I will check it out as an option though. Thank you!

    2. you're not allowed to talk at jazz standard, forget dancing!

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          It's a bar/lounge not a restaurant, though, the jazz is not live, and there's no dancing. Or white tablecloths.

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            Pegu is a bar,, albeit upscale, with some limited food options. But I don't believe it has either live music or dancing.

            Most of the jazz clubs, even the ones like Birdland that serve reasonable, if not terrific, food, are really all about listening t o the music- no dancing. I can't think of a single jazz club in the city where your friends could dance.

            1. re: smokeandapancake

              Pegu Club is an upscale cocktail bar and there's definitely no live music or dancing.