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Oct 1, 2009 09:13 AM

Your top cheap eats

Recession or not, lunch is getting to be really expensive. I work at King and Spadina and getting a decent lunch under $10 is nearly impossible. But there are a few places that you can grab a good deal, here are mine:

1. Jerk Chicken and Bean Rice topped with Oxtail stew-Ackee Tree on Spadina 5.50 tax inc
2. BBQ Duck in Noodle Soup-Noodle King on Spadina 4.15 tax inc
3. Shrimp Dumpling Soup with Noodles-Swatow on Spadina ~$5
4. Steak Sandwich-European Meat Deli in Kensigton ~$4

What are yours?! Can be in any neighborhood.

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  1. I'm an east ender so my recs are from that area:

    1. Jerk pork sandwich on coco bread with plantain, Nun Such Jerk - Lawrence/Kennedy ($3.50ish)
    2. Falafel/Shawarma, Shawarma Empire - Lawrence just west of Warden ($4.99/$5.99 for two)
    3. Chicken Vindaloo with rice or naan (lunch special), Cheetal Indian Cuisine - Old Kingston Rd/Military Trail ($5)
    4. Banh mi, Rose cafe - Broadview/1st Ave ($2)
    5. Banh mi, Nguyen Huong - Steeles/McCowan ($2)
    6. Allan's Patty & coco bread with a pop, Mr. Jerk - Morningsige/Sheppard ($2)
    7. Wood oven pizza, Calabria Bakery - Midland south of Ellesmere (starting at $8 for a pepperoni)
    8. Potato roti, Roti Hut - Pitfield/McCowan ($4.50ish)
    9. Crab curry, Hopper Hut - Sheppard/Kennedy ($5ish)

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    1. re: Dr Butcher

      what's coco bread? coconut?

      split a butter chicken or chicken tika masala roti from Ghandi Roti - $6/each

      1. re: downtownfoodie

        Coco bread is a sweet bun which is par baked and then folded in half to finish baking. It makes it's own flap which opens with a gentle pull so you don't have to slice it. I'm pretty sure it contains no coconut (at least the ones I've tried).

        Here's a shot of a Nun Such Jerk sandwich I had a while back:

        Babu on Sheppard Ave (east of McCowan) has some cheap lunch specials as well. I've only been once (can't remember the price but it was under $5). The selection was mind boggling.....

          1. re: Dr Butcher

            As I understand it, it's called coco bread because you crack it open like a coconut. It was told to me by a Jamaican but I still don't know if she was just pulling my leg.


        1. re: Dr Butcher

          Cool nice post is the hopper hut crab curry real crab? Thanks for the east end restos cause i live there too. im going to either hopper hut or non such tomorrow.

        2. The sandwich combo at Caplansky's for $10 (tax not incl)

          The $7.99 Veg platter at Nazareth that serves 2 people (dinner only)


          1. Manpuku Curry Beef udon- $5.99
            Buddha's special veg noodles- $5.99
            Little India's (on Queen) Veg Thali$10.99 Big enough for 2 famished people (with leftovers to spare)
            Gallery Sushi- Sushi Takeout special 2 rolls for $5 (includes tempura shrimp and california choice)
            Hare Krishna Iskon Sunday night Dinner- Free temple is at Avenue and Davenport
            Baldwin Street Chinese Restaurant on the corner of Baldwin and McCaul- Wonton Soup is $3 and good broth and dumplings. Generous portion of each.

            1. Butterfly Bakery on Dundas
              Mother's dumplings!
              IKEA.... ehehehhehhe

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              1. re: Muffin__Top

                Which mother's? Last time I did a search, there were two.

                1. re: itryalot

                  There's only one Mother's Dumplings that I know of. It's on Huron, just north of Dundas.

              2. 1. Roast pork belly with rice, veg, and soup $5. at Ho Ho, 3833 Midland Av.
                2. Chick 'n Joy Monday and Tuesday special: 2 pieces, fries or biscuit, and gravy for $3.50
                3. Pulled pork sandwich and fries at the BBQ place, Thickson and Wentworth, Whitby, $6.
                4. Steame's in Oshawa for two dogs with cabbage, and a poutine, $7.50.
                5. Dunn's smoked meat at Costco food court, $5.
                6. Breadhouse, Bayly & Westshore, Pickering, for a sausage in puff pastry, $1.50