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Oct 1, 2009 09:10 AM

Best Long Beach Restaurants

I will be in Long Beach (downtown at the Hyatt) for a conference next week. Can anyone recommend the best restaurants in the area. Looking for both one nice and a couple more affordable options. Ethnic food is fine. Preferably in/near downtown b/c I won't have a car.

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    1. re: flylice2x

      I'll second the recommendation of George's and Cafe Sevilla, and add La Creperie, and Cafe Gazelle, not far from George's.

      Cafe Gazelle
      191 La Verne Ave, Long Beach, CA 90803

      La Creperie Cafe
      5110 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803

    2. Lasher's
      3441 E Broadway
      Long Beach, CA 90803
      (562) 433-0153

      1. I second the suggestions of La Traviata, L'Opera and 555 East, all of which are downtown. I suggest you avoid the cluster of restaurants on the water's edge at Shoreline Village, right next to your hotel, at the foot of Pine Avenue, as they are mostly chain establishments that you can find elsewhere,

        You will only be a few minutes away from several other restaurants in Belmont Shore (such as Cafe Gazelle) and Naples (consider Fora or Michaels for high end food) if you take what is called the Passport, smallish, red buses that frequently run on Ocean Ave (near your hotel) and 2nd St. I think Passport costs $1.00 and runs from 6AM until 12AM. No need for a car if you want to explore. There is also a Passport route in and around downtown that is free. If you take it through what the so-called East Village Arts District (not to be confused with a real arts district but real estate types love to make up names), consider the restaurant Utopia as well as the other selections mentioned.

        If you have the time and are up for more excitement, Long Beach Public Transit has a water taxi that runs from downtown, very close to your hotel, to Alamitos Bay Landing (about a 30 minute cruise through the harbor). A great place to eat where the boat docks is McKennas on the Bay. The boat serves beer and wine which is probably a little unusual for most southern California bus lines.

        There are good options near your hotel but I am sure your hotel can give you details on getting around without a car,

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          Note Tracht's has closed, not sure what if anything has replaced it.