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Oct 1, 2009 08:39 AM

Favorite ready to eat soups that can be taken to the office for lunch

I'm trying to bring my lunch more often and have a cheapo GF grill so I can make a grilled cheese and want soup with it. Today I had the Campbell's Select Harvest Light Southwestern Vegetable and it was very good (with my grilled cheddar on Ezekial bread) and am looking for more recommendations.

I am not looking to make my own soup and freeze, etc. for a number of reasons, so don't go there ;-)

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  1. last night I tried the new campbell's veggie orzo lite soup. it could easily become a new favorite. it had lentils, kale (? it did not seem to be spinach and I forgot to look at the label), zuchinni, carrot. It did seem like it could use more "stuff", but the flavor was very good.
    I also purchased the italian wedding in this line, but have not tried it yet. my store was out of other flavors when I went this weekend.

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      having the campbell's italian-style wedding soup now. Obviously not as good as the "real thing" but i am pleasantly surprised, and for 80 cals per serving I can have the whole can for lunch!

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        I had the Progresso Light Vegetable Noodle today and it was very good. Had too much celery for my taste but was filling and the egg noodles weren't mushy at all. It also was well seasoned and didn't have that watery taste some "light" soups can have. 60 calories for one serving, 120 for the can. I had the can :-)

        1. re: Janet from Richmond

          that is one problem i have with progresso soups. i really dislike celery! I was telling DH about this italian-style wedding soup and noticed that the noodles are whole wheat. i think that's great, more soup makers should use ww pasta, IMHO. :)
          I was checking the NI for the Progresso soups, and thought some of those single serving tubs looked good too. gotta start my grocery list!

    2. Pacific Natural Foods has a great line of soups- my all time favorite being their Spicy Chicken Fajita-Ive had cans of it that have been unbelievably hot for a canned soup. I love the stuff though- its pretty addictive :-)

      1. I have Progresso Lentil several times a week. i bring a baggie with some grated pecorino romano to top it off after i heat it.

        1. For most canned soups I go straight to Campbell's and my favorites aren't very exotic. Clam Chowder is always good (almost always burn my tongue though). Tomato goes great with grilled cheese, so does split pea. When I was little my dad always mixed a can of Chicken Noodle with a can of Cream of Mushroom. Sometimes I get a can of vegetable beef or something similar and load it down with Tobasco Sauce. It reminds me of my mom's beef soup that I always added Tobasco to. If you want to go a step further, cut back a little on the Tobasco and toss some mustard seed, celery salt, bay leaf, and black pepper in there. And if you want to really get crazy, throw five or six raw frozen shrimp in the mix. Pour it all over some plain white rice and call it Quick and Dirty Gumbo.