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Oct 1, 2009 08:10 AM

Ashmont Grill lately?

What's good at the Ashmont Grill right now? Their menu hasn't been updated since April.

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  1. Haven't been there since mid-summer, but six of us all had different menu items and all were good. I enjoyed my portobello sandwich, and the trainwreck fries are always a treat (see you at the gym). My wife had the steak and I heard no complaints. There's something about this place I like. Go and enjoy.

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      Thanks. If I have those fries I'll have to walk home to Southie!

    2. Had a lovely meal at Ashmont Grill last night. Definitely not a "houndly" place where you are going to be surprised by innovative ingredients or dishes you've never heard of, but rather a comfy neighborhood place in the vein of Temple Bar in Cambridge.

      We were a party of 10 so we got to try a good deal of the menu. Trainwreck fries are a must -- we had three orders. Cheesy, bacony, jalapeno-ish with sour cream. If only they had gravy a la poutine but you can't have everything. Chicken sate, grilled shrimp and cheese plate were all fine, nothing to write home about. For entrees, our favorites were the burger (big, juicy, really yum), salmon over shredded brussels sprouts, the cubano special and lamb tagine. The dish that surprised me the most was the pasta dish -- Crest de Gallo pasta with butternut squash, sage, pine nuts and carmelized onions. Usually big bowls of pasta don't do it for me -- I'm fatigued half-way in -- but this was absolutely delicious until the end. Full flavored, perfectly cooked, cozy for the season. For desserts there was some toffee pudding thing that made people swoon but I didn't try it.

      Good wine by the glass, GREAT service both from the hostess and our waitress, and an all over pleasant time. If it was in my hood I'd pop in regularly.

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        Was there over Labor day Weekend with a large group. Great service - efficient and friendly - , and wine by the glass selection and very intersting menu selections. All in our group were very happy with their meals. The back patio is a great spot and I believe they have some heaters out there for fall dining

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          I had that Cresto de Gallo pasta and was amazed at how much they gave. I only ate half of it and took the rest home. Unfortunately, nuking it the next day did nothing for those flavors. Is there a better way to reheat pasta?

          1. re: mtm7654

            It may be old fashioned, but I've found the only way to reheat pasta is in a double boiler. I'm not a big fan of reheated pasta, but this gets the job done.

            1. re: CocoDan

              Double boiler eh? Wouldn't have thought of that-thanks!