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Oct 1, 2009 08:10 AM

Looking for Italian joint for Biz dinner near the Loop

Looking for an Italian place for a biz dinner (6-8 people). Something close to the Loop, walking or short cab ride would be great. Trying to keep price somewhat reasonable, maybe like $50 or so per person.

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  1. My personal favorite place in the city is Ittalian Village. For that price point the best restaurant would be Vivere its most expensive meal is 39$ main course. Its a very upscale restaurant for a nice evening out its located on madison between clark and dearborn. I personally love the rib-eye it is melt in your mouth good.

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      Another option is the venerable Rosebud conveniently located just off Michigan Ave near Chicago Ave or in Little Italy, which might be kinda fun. There's also Tuscany in Little Italy - great food and ambience and for something a bit off the beaten path, RoSal's. RoSal's is a small ma and pa Italian joint with great food, 8 tables or so on the first floor, nice ambience - a real find. Check out their review on WTTW website on Check, Please. Little Italy is a 5' cab ride from the loop and it's easy to get a cab back.

    2. Trattoria 10 is my go-to place for midlevel Italian in the Loop:

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        Another vote for Trattoria 10. This is off topic, but they also have a great bar buffet for pre-theater nosh.

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          Trattoria 10 is a very good option. I've done several business lunches there over the years, should be equally good for dinner.