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Oct 1, 2009 07:44 AM

Pre-Theater dinner for a Birthday.

I am taking my fiance to dinner and Jersey Boys at the Bank of America theater in Chicago. I am not very familliar with restaurants in that area. I am a fan of Italian Village but would like something new. I would like to be in walking distance to the theater cause she doesn't know we are going. I would like a prix fixe menu and romantic atmosphere. Here favorite foods are as follows.

1. Asian Fusion
2. Japanese Steakhouse types
3. Italian
4. American

We would like to get to the theater by like 7:15, so a place that has romantic service but is on time is perfect. Please provide any recomendations you may have and I thank you in advance for all your help.


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  1. Try Atwood Cafe at the Burnham. It is a small intimate place, creative American food. Not sure if they have a prix fixe. They are very good at getting you out the door. Just let them know. Might even have discounts with Broadway in Chicago. Altho, is Jersey Boys part of that? Have fun.

    Atwood Cafe
    1 West Washington St., Chicago, IL 60602

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      Atwood Cafe is very nice. You could also do Rhapsody, which is the upscale restaurant in Symphony Center. They are likely quite familiar with getting people out on time. I do not know if they hae a pre fixe.

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        I second both those suggestions. A little further away but still within walking distance is Catch 35. Lots of Asian influenced fantastic fish dishes and a beautiful space. Just remember to build in walking time to the theater - about 10' realistically at a reasonable pace. They have a reduced rate for valet parking with a Goodman Theater ticket - not sure about BofA Theater but worth a call.

    2. A little bit at the upper end but Everest does have a pre-theatre menu that is not a budget buster. Certainly an appropriate venu for a romantic special occasion:

      1. I don't know if this is what you're looking for exactly, but I love the Russian Tea House for pre-theater dinner. It's completely old-school, the food is good, the crazy vodka menu is fun. I find it romantic, but it certainly isn't the typlical candle-lit dinner kind of place.

        1. First off, the show is great. Just saw it in the Venetian/Las Vegas and I normally don't like musicals (there is something unnatural about breaking into song during a scene......).....

          Places I would suggest to eat......these fall more into the American category...sort of....
          The Gage - my foodie boss really enjoyed this...upscale Irish/pub bistro
          The Publican - another small/big plate bistro ....lots of seafood (they are aphrodisacs!!)

          West loop - Avec and neither have prix fixe but Avec is fabulous tapas-style restaurant....getting there early (5:00) will give you time to eat/drink. It's not romantic but imaginative dishes hitting many of the big continents........downside (or upside if you like to mingle with fellow diners) are the communal tables

          I would just go south of west loop....loop centric dining tends to be just ok.