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Oct 1, 2009 07:41 AM

Cheese tasting classes

Hi! I Live in TO and i'm looking for a way to expand my knowledge about good cheese. I've always loved it but i don't know nearly enough about it! I found courses offered at and at the Leslieville cheese markets. the first one already started so thats not an option anymore. Has anyone taken courses at those places? or have any other suggestions for where to look?

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  1. George Brown offers a Fromagier certificate. Check their Continuing Education catalogue.

    1. Nancy's Cheese on Dupont offers classes. She also works with Anne Martin, one of TO's top sommeliers-they do wine and cheese matches together.

      Nancy is a wonderful woman and her store is conveniently just a hop away from both the Dupont subway station and the LCBO ;)


        1. re: Baelsette

          Nancy's cheese sounds really good! too bad they just had a tasting yesterday!! Now there isn't another one posted. How often do they offer the classes?

          1. re: MaraW

            Leslieville Cheese Market offers cheese & wine/beer classes.

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              I think there is a plan to hold another wine and cheese night in October but Nancy also offers Tuesday night Cheese and Chats which are posted on her website. I have been to both and they are fantastic!!

          2. The classes we've done at the Leslieville cheese market have been a lot of fun. They will do 4-5 courses with a pairing. The woman who leads the classes says that she tries not to repeat themes and often chooses themes that are seasonal. It is standing room only and some of them get pretty full. One of the classes I was in was pretty packed and there were some people who seemed physically uncomfortable standing the whole time. Otherwise, they're great!

            Oh, and be careful - they will open up sales at a discount after the tasting is over. If you have difficulty with impulse control, you may want to decide on your purchases before they whet your appetite. Very dangerous on the wallet.

            1. Bonnie Stern is holding a cheese class night in December. Click on the newsletter and then scroll down.