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Oct 1, 2009 07:39 AM

Recs for dinner before Cirque (Ovo) show?

Any recommendations for a good dinner place before the Cirque show in either Leslieville, south Riverdale or Distillery District that have entrees under $15?


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  1. I chose Sukho Thai for that purpose, though it's not in one of the neighbourhoods you're looking for.

    1. Most of the entrees (but not all) are under $15 at Weezie's on King East just east of Parliament. The food is great. Reservations advised. They don't have a website but here's a fairly recent review -

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      1. re: JamieK

        Word is that prices have been on the increase at Weezie's - they are now around the $20 mark, just fyi.

        1. re: Cat123

          Dang, should have checked this before I headed up...Weezies would have been great! Ended up at the Mill Street Brew pub. I had the mussels, hubby had the ribs with fries. Food was just okay and lukewarm. Service was friendly and brisk. Dinners with 3 beers and tips was $75.00. Place was pretty busy and a line up was forming as we were heading out. Probably wouldn't go back again. A tad too touristy for me.

          1. re: Cat123

            Word is wrong. Prices at Weezie's remain very friendly. Fish dishes may hover the 20 mark, but the rest are less.

        2. For something cheap, quick and tasty - we went to the T&T Supermarket right across the street and grabbed a bunch of sushi and dim sum from their take-out area. We ate it in their food court.