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Oct 1, 2009 07:21 AM

Cupcakes/Desserts in Napa

Where can I find the best cupcakes/cookies/brownies in the Napa Valley area? I need to bring a dessert tray to a picnic at a winery, and I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Karas cupcakes in the oxbow market has only cupcakes and sweetie pies nearby at the Riverfront or Hatt building has cookies,small cakes,desserts,etc

    1. Where in the Napa Valley? The city of Napa or elsewhere. Can you drive to the city of Napa since that has the best options?

      Sift and Kara's only sell cupcakes but they offer over a dozen diffirent types in the usual and unusual flavors. They both have mini cupcakes available.

      Sweetie Pies, IMO, has the best cupcakes, cookies and brownies. The cupcakes are large though and the flavors are not as extensive.

      Model Bakery has cookies, cupcakes and brownies but not as good, IMO, as Sweetie pies. Like SP, the flavors are limited.

      ABC does brownies and cookies, but not sure about the cupcakes.

      Buttercream has all three, but it is an old-style bakeshop similar to the type of baked goods in supermarkets.

      Speaking of which .. the Napa Whole Foods has baked goods from almost all the local bakeries including some in Sonoma, so that might be the way to go. However, I'd pick Sweetie Pies.

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        Thanks so much to everyone for all of this great information. Very helpful!!

      2. I second Sweetie Pies. They made my wedding cake and I have a bit of a sweet spot for them.

        Sweetie Pies
        520 Main St, Napa, CA 94559

        1. Are you near the Bouchon Bakery? Their macaroons are insanely delicious, and about twice as big as average French macaroons. Their "Thomas Keller oreos" are also delicious. I think either is much more original than cupcakes, etc. but I also think the price point will probably be high.

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            I'm not a fan of Bouchon except for a few things like the chips and donuts. However, I thought those larger macaroons were the size sold in Paris. Never tried one there, but I thought I read that somewhere. Are they really small like at La Boulangerie

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              I don't think those chips are actually made by Bouchon--at least that's what one of the counter persons told me about a year ago. Regardless, they are good.

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                There are often 2 sizes of macarons in Fance. Most sell the smal kind and then some also sell a larger version in with the patisseries. These often have fresh raspberries or something in them as well.

                Nonetheless, I find the bouchon bakery macarons not great. They are too chewy, the filling is whipped creamy and the caramel flavor is mroe like butterscotch. Maybe if I didn't have a preconceived notion of macarons I would have liked them more. Since macarons are often the only pastry I can eat I have had a lot of them, but I can't comment on any of the other items at the bakery. They do look pretty though!

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                  haha, maybe I've never had a Parisian macaroon so I like Bouchon's take on it. I've only had macaroons at Paulette's, Delanghe, and Boulangerie, and I like Bouchon's version better for precisely the same reasons jsaimd doesn't like them. I also like California French better than I like very traditional French bistro, so maybe Keller's just on the right track for my palate.