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Oct 1, 2009 07:04 AM

Favorite Vermont Cheese

I don't know if it's already been talked about on the board but I wanted to hear everyone's favorite Vermont Cheeses. We are lucky in the this state to have so many amazing cheeses.

My pick is Hartwell by Ploughgate Creamery. If you can find it I highly recommend it, the taste is like the best parts of the scents of earth, hay, cheese, barn, cow, and cream. And the texture melts on the tongue.

There is also Bailey Hazen Blue Cheese, so good.

Let's hear what everyone else has for favorites.

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  1. Over here in Maine, we have a superb fromagerie, The Cheese Iron in Scarborough. They "import" from Vermont only real artisan cheeses, for the most part: livestock and cheesemaking at the same location, etc. And of all the cheeses I've tasted, by far the best are the ones from Twig Farm:
    I'm particularly fond of their "soft wheel," which is a cow/goat blend that develops incredible earthy and rich flavors.

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      shout out to the cheese iron! i've never actually been myself, but my parents find excuses to drive up for grilled cheeses every few months and always return with copious amounts of really interesting selections. they speak very well of the owner who is always there to welcome them and show them his latest selections. i'm quite eager to get up there soon!

    2. My favorite is Constant Bliss also from Jasper HIll Farm.....I must admit, I am a fan of the Cabot Extra Sharp for my "everyday" cheese fix too!!

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        While not exclusively Vermont I thought this unique blended cheese was excellent.
        Its the Grafton Duet from Grafton Village Cheese
        combines two outer layers of Grafton premium cheddar and in the middle a layer of Faribault Dairy’s St. Pete’s Select Blue Cheese, from Minnesota.

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          And speaking of Grafton, their smoked cheddar is amazing.

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            Oh, HELL, YES! I recently tried this, based on a suggestion from another thread, and Duet is a pure delight. Need to get some more VERY SOON. Whattacombo!

            And in agreement with kparke30 re Cabot--their Seriously Sharp (the hunter's cheddar in the flannel packaging) is my go-to everyday cheddar.

            P.S. See this very recent thread for lots of Vermont cheese ideas! (How did you miss this one, btw?) ;)

        2. Going to have to go with Vermont Shepard. Just plain liked cheese until I tried it- it was the beginning of a cheese epiphany...and spawned many a vaction focused on visiting dairies and cheese shops...

          1. My current love is Summer Snow from Woodcock Farm. And I'll go to the ends of the earth for anything from Lazy Lady.

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            1. Cabot cloth bound cheddar and Doe's Leap goat cheese