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Bee House teapots, where can I find them in Santa Monica/West L.A.?

I'm looking for places that sells Bee House teapots. Any recommendations for the Santa Monica/West Los Angeles area?


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  1. Hi, Piccolina!
    I believe Whole Foods sells them, although I think they carry only one size, one traditional style and only a limited color selection. Still, the Whole Foods on Wilshire in Santa Monica is a pretty well-stocked store; call before you go.

    Whole Foods
    500 Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica

    You will have a much better selection online.

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      Hi Liu~
      Thanks for your quick reply. I just called all the Whole Foods in SaMo, Venice and West LA as well as West Hollywood and struck out. They only carry Numi. Any other thoughts?
      Appreciate it!

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        Probably easiest to just do this the new fashioned way: http://www.beehouseteapot.com/

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          Oh...NO! Sorry...
          You will have lots to choose from online!

      2. Hi,

        I found mine at Chado Tea Room on 3rd a few years ago.

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          That was the first place that came to mind but their online website doesn't have any in the database...at least right now.

        2. I have bought one at the Peets in Pasadena, a couple years ago. Call them and see if they still have any!

          1. Well since you checked on WeHo, i'm assuming you're OK with other shops in the area. Call first, but I'm pretty sure I saw these at Froma.


            1. You might check with Intelligentsia, Venice.

              1. I am sorry that this is such a difficult find. I would love more teaware shops around town!

                Piccolina, please do post when you find the Bee House teapots that you are looking for.

                1. And if anyone knows where to find a Bee House Large Coffee Gripper locally please let me know!


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                    I am seriously "crushing" on everyone's response - Thanks so much for the quick replies!

                    I've been off-line all day as I was traveling around looking for this Bee House teapot. I found it at Peet's Coffee in Westwood Village - lovely Dan held both the 15 oz and the 23 oz models for me. Yay for Peet's (thanks, ciaolette)!!!!

                    My adventure began with the Brit Shops in Santa Monica: Tudor House, Ye Olde King's Head shop, Continental Shop, but they were a bust. Sur La Table, Surfas and Star Restaurant Supply didn't pan out either.

                    I decided to try Satsuma on Sawtelle Blvd, next to Asahi Ramen and was just astounded by the number of teapots there (they didn't have Bee House, but I drooled over the selection) Don't even call them first, just go. It would be like calling Victoria's Secret to see if they carried underwear.

                    I emailed the beehouseteapot.com website and Karen, the owner, responded with two retailers in Los Angeles which were too far away for my schedule today. However, I will drive to them soon. Her recommendations were:
                    224 W. HILLCREST DR.
                    THOUSAND OAKS, CA 91360
                    Phone: 805-230-2552

                    14006 RIVERSIDE DR.
                    SHERMAN OAKS, CA 91360

                    Thank you again for the responses - -

                    Chowhound on!

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                      Great search effort, Piccolina...and in the process, you have uncovered some wares sources for all of us tea-hounds!

                      I did think about Teavana, but I wasn't sure if they carried the pot you were looking for. However, their teawares are quite nice...some even exquisite! Satsuma was a great idea; even if you didn't find your teapot, it is fun to look there...and I loved your Victoria Secret's laugh!

                      Peet's -- and you found two different sizes! Seriously, I would consider both. 15oz. is nice for one or two; 23oz. is nice with a full table of tea slurpers. Congrats...and thanks for sharing your resources.