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Oct 1, 2009 05:54 AM

The Reagle Beagle!

Has anyone been yet? Standouts on the menu? The fabulous up and coming chef Laura Henry Zoubir is there now and I can't wait to try her food!

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  1. is it actually open yet? they still had open calls for hiring the end of last week. if they're already open with staff that green i'm not going near it for months.

    1. I heard it was opening mid October.

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      1. re: cassoulady

        Yeah, I'm pretty sure they're not open yet.

      2. I just love the name of this place. Reminds me of my favorite show Three's Company!!!

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        1. re: MtVernon

          Ill try any place with the guts to name itself "The Reagle Beagle"..has to be the best name ever. Hopefully they will have a Mr Furley special

        2. Regal Beagle Coming to Brookline

          A new restaurant and bar with a funny name may soon be serving food and drinks to folks in the Coolidge Corner neighborhood of Brookline. According to the Brookline TAB, Regal Beagle will be moving into the Harvard Street spot where Takeshima (and later, Blue Ocean) used to be, just north of the Beacon Street intersection. The TAB mentions that Regal Beagle will look to be a neighborhood bistro with upscale comfort food featured. The owners, who also run the Fenway-area restaurant and music venue Church, hope to have the place open by September 1. [October 1 update: It appears that Regal Beagle will open sometime in October now.]

          The newspaper also notes that the name comes from a bar in the 1970s TV show "Three's Company."

          1. Not open as of Wednesday 10/7.

            The name is Regal Beagle.


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              From one of those "green" staff (who isn't really so much, but beside the point), hopeful opening date is this coming Monday or Tuesday. But we all know how easily hopes are dashed (see Hobo, Lord)...

              1. re: daniel_b

                I guess it's scheduled to open at the end of the month...

                1. re: birdy30

                  Major construction is still going on.

                  1. re: daniel_b

                    Do they have some official announcement ??