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Sep 30, 2009 10:47 PM

Globefish (Calgary), in new location - great!

I finally tried Globefish in their new space (I don't get north of the river much). It was great, a lot bigger than the old space and no line-up when we went, there were a few times when we left just looking at the line-up in their old space. They have really cool decor with booths in white and black and a long sushi bar. The food is similar to what they had before, my very favourite spider roll plus a few other quite unusual things that were really tasty, for example tempura cheese (it sounded weird but I love cheese so we tried it).

It's also very reasonably priced - so many times a favourite place moves into new digs and the prices get jacked up, not here. We left quite stuffed for $60 for 2 including sake and beer, it would have been $40 without. Very cheap. I'll try to go north of the river more :)

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  1. You can thank, in part, the increasing competition in that area for keeping GF's prices in line- for a while Sushi Club was the only sushi place in Kensington; now you have SC, GF, Tenshi and recently opened Kai.

    If you want an AMAZING deal you can get three rolls for $10 at O Shima (1448 17th Ave SW)- please go, they can use the business.

    1. I was amazed to see GLOBEFISH branded Sushi boxes at Sunterra today. Same company?

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        I thought it was BLOWFISH that had the Sunterra account. Blowfish on 11th Ave/6 St SW.

        1. re: John Manzo

          Globefish is supplying seveal markets with their sushi. I know they supply Sweetgrass Market as well.

          1. re: John Manzo

            BLOWFISH. You are correct. Sounded the same.