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Sep 30, 2009 10:02 PM

Must Eats in Cedar Park...

I recently moved to the Austin area, residing in Cedar Park and love great food. I would love to hear any suggestion for any type of food. I do however love mexican breakfast and haven't found a place yet that can make proper migas.

What are the MUST EAT places in this area. Please no "the Whataburger on Cypress is the best".

Thanks for the help!

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  1. I live in NW Austin (on the cusp of Cedar Park) and these are the places in the area I can't live without:

    Thanmak Thai on Buttercup Creek. I love them to death.

    If you're willing to come south on 183 just a bit, go to Midori Sushi on Anderson Mill. Their sushi is fantastic and the lunchtime bento boxes are a steal at an average of $10.

    Berry Cool on Cypress Creek is a great place for frozen yogurt. They have a great range of flavors and some lovely fresh fruit toppings along with various candies.

    Hope this helps! Welcome to Austin.

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    1. I'm not a big fan of breakfast... however, I like Mexican food and the chorimigas tacos at Jardin Corona on Bell Blvd. seem to fix whatever is troubling me. They are migas with chorizo and really tasty. I've also had a very good omelet there. I see a lot of neighbors, friends and acquaintances when I am there so I think it's a decent rec. They are very affordable.

      It's not great ambiance... it is manageable, though. This is the only complaint that I recall hearing.

      Oh, BTW, they may only serve breakfast on weekends... don't really know.

      1. I second Jardin Corona, my favorite is the Jardin Pechuga which is a huge chicken breast stuffed with cheese, mushrooms and ham deep fried and smothered with queso. Arter clogging deliciousness! Also really like their Mexican Martinis. Thamnak Thai is also good and often runs buy 2 get 1 entree free. Moonie's gets lots of hype over their burgers, but I haven't been yet. Contender, the new sports bar on Cypress Creek has pretty darn good food. The quesadillas come with rice, beans, and a plate of condiments. It was a huge serving. King Noodle has good lunch specials and tasty sushi rolls

        1. places that my family enjoys:

          Mexican: again, gotta go with jardin corona. if you don't want to eat in the restaurant, their takeout service is very good and fast. we've had their breakfast tacos and been very pleased, as well. never had full breakfast there, but i hear it's on par with the rest of the food.

          Breakfast: lately it's been J&J BBQ for us on 1431. really good, big breakfast tacos and my husband enjoys their migas. always a crowd, but not a long wait.

          1890 Ranch: we're in this area quite a bit so the places we frequent are Taco Real and Rosie's Pho. plus a couple of the chains, truth be told, such as Chick-Fil-A , Freddy's Frozen Custard, Baskin Robbins and now Yo-Yo's frozen yogurt. it is like the other self serve place on Cypress Creek mentioned above.

          Avery Ranch: really like the pizza from Brooklyn Height's Pizzeria. it's pricey, but yummy. in the past when we wanted Chinese we'd go to Hunan Ranch. however, i saw on a recent "eat, drink and be wary" segment of the news they failed a health inspection. so now i'm a bit leery :( also, Waterloo, not great food, but decent and nice to let the kids play on the playscape outside. occasionally we hit Z'Tejas for a meal when wanting something a bit nicer and not wanting to travel too far.

          Hope this helps!

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            PS wanted to add The Dig Pub on Cypress Creek. my SO enjoys going there for a beer. says it's laidback and that the food is more creative than your standard bar fare.

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              Thank a lot everyone, keep the posts going!

              MyySharona: I live right by Berry Cool and always wondered about, will visit next chance.
              Amykragen: I really enjoy King Noodle as well. I've seen the Contender bar the past few weeks wondering about it.

              And everyone I have heard about Jardin Corona and can't wait to go.

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                I also like Nagoya on 620 for sushi & hibachi

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                  Is there anything that you particularly recommend at Nagoya? How does it compare to Mikado, Beluga, or other NW sushi establishments?

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                    Lunch at Nagoya today... well, it wasn't bad but wasn't memorable either. I had soup (not the miso but the other offering, Osumashi) served with the Maki lunch with Spicy Tuna with Avocado and Yellowfin with Scallion rolls. The soup was nice but the rolls don't compare to anything I've ordered at Mikado, Sushi Sake, Beluga, Origami or Musashino. They were small and not particularly flavorful. I want this place to work but today, it did not. I left full (small appetite) but unsatisfied. The friend I was with felt the same lack of satisfaction. I will go back again and order differently to see if I can find something that they do VERY well. Any suggestions? I am considering the tepanyaki for the sheer fun of it.

                    For the price point, I suppose it's fine, or maybe just OK. I would prefer to spend a few more dollars for something with a bit more impact.

                    I wish them luck.

                    1. re: Rene

                      I went for HH and was pleased. the flavored martinis are $4 I had the lemon drop and pomegranite both were excellent. Also tried the crunchy roll, crawfish rool ($3.50 each) and the calamari $3?

                      I'd skip the calamair next time and try either another roll or individual pieces at $1.50.

                      Looks like HH might be the way to go. Definitely was for the drinks. Strong and flavorful!

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                  I have been to Dig Pub a few times and love the microbrewery beers they have, but have not ordered food yet. Next time I will be prepared, thanks.

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                  I went to Jardin Cocina based on the reviews here and was sorely underwhelmed. The Mexican food was by far some of the most bland food I have had in a long time. I had a simple dish also, cheese enchiladas, so really no excuse. I had a sample of just about everyones dishes and there was nine total and all were lacking any flavor. Salt in the fajita enchiladas, the pipian enchiladas were just wrong (so many missteps), the chicken combo plate was all dry chicken for the fajitas, enchilada was bland and the queso tostada was a new one to me (covered in bland queso).

                  I would not recommend Jardin Cocina to my worst enemy.

                  1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                    I'm sorry that you got steered towat that place, Hounder. It is truly hard to believe how they can serve "gruel" and pass it off as food.

                4. As mentioned in my post last weekend, we are really enjoying Thai Bowl, on Walton Way. Check it out!

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                    Coincidence, I just saw the owner today again, still have not gone. Next outing I promise will be Thai Bowl.