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Sep 30, 2009 09:05 PM

La Provence finally open in Brentwood

Finally. La Provence opened in Brentwood Gardens (on top of CPK). Interesting that they should open just about the same time that Coral Tree re-opened in Brentwood.
La Provence is a really lovely space. I went there after a good workout at Resolution Pilates, just downstairs. I met 3 friends for lunch. Bear in mind that the restaurant had only been open one day!.
I was very impressed with the great hospitality, the menu and the food. I believe that this new restaurant will be a great addition to the San Vicente/Brentwood breakfast/lunch scene. Not so sure that they will make it for dinner, but I could be wrong.
The restaurant is really pretty and the patio, although small, is very pleasant. The menu offers breakfast items all day. My understanding is that they open for breakfast at 7:00AM.
There were four in our party today for lunch. I loved that our server said that we could taste anything from the kitchen prior to ordering.
I had the 1/2 sandwich and cup of soup. The chili soup was delicious and my 1/2 tuna sandwich was also good. I could not believe that the restaurant considered this a 1/2 bowl and 1/2 sandwich. The orders were huge.
Another member of our party ordered the herb-crusted salmon with roasted vegetables. He loved it.
Another ordered the soup and 1/2 salad. This was a huge bowl of delicious French onion soup gratinee, with a very generous salad Nicoise.(choice of seared Ahi or canned albacore).
Another, ordered a scoop of tuna on a bed of greens. Everything was just perfect.
I suspect that La Provence will be wildly successful. There is a bakery offering lovely french pastries. In addition, there are hand-painted ceramics made locally. I bought a stunning vase while I was waiting for my order to arrive. Nice to see a new neighborhood restaurant. It is casual, friendly, prices are quite fair and if I were the owner of Coral Tree, I might be a little bit nervous about this new addition to the San Vicente scene. I love the breakfast at Tavern, but, all things considered, I suspect that La Provence will be our go-to destination for family breakfasts and even solo lunches after a good workout at Resolution Pilates or a good run on San Vicente.

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  1. Coral Tree and La Provence are two different beasts no problems for either one. They will both do well.

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      A lot of local buzz about this new Brentwood venue. Mommies who take their kids to the dance class on the 3rd Floor of Brentwood Gardens are very happy about sitting outdoors and having a pastry and coffee, or a salad while the kiddies are dancing. La Provence is a lovely, little venue, filling a need in Brentwood Gardens. I am optimistic about this new restaurant. Food is good; prices fair; ambiance nice.