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Sep 30, 2009 08:47 PM

FIG, Cache or La Cachette Bistro for 5th Wedding Anniversary dinner?

My husband and I are looking for somewhere nice and fun on the Westside to go for dinner for our 5th Wedding Anniversary dinner. We need something somewhat budget friendly. I was interested in Rustic Canyon Wine Bar, but my husband was underwhelmed with the menu, but said he would reconsider.


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  1. La Cachette Bistro is the most budget-friendly of the three but I think Cache has the best food of those choices and is the most attractive. All three offer outside dining if that is of interest. Have you considered Riva?

    312 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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      I haven't been to La Cachette Bistro. but from the online menu, I'd say that Fig is less expensive and overall very budget friendly. Moreover, I've found the food at Fig to be terrific - if you're adventurous - and the setting very nice

      I've been to Riva multiple times and have always had decent but never great meals there.

      I really like Rustic Canyon, but it is REALLY LOUD partly because of the atmosphere and largely because of the horrendous acoustics. It's loud enough that I would not recommend it for an anniversary meal. It's also the most casual of the lot.

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        Riva is no longer. They are reopening as Fraiche, as of Wed 10/14.

      2. I think probably not Cache. I was there last week and found it underwhelming except for Cocktails/appetizers.

        I haven't tried Fig or La Cachette Bistro yet. The back patio at Wilshire is so romantic and the food there is great right now.

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          Wilshire is a great suggestion. Good price point, beautiful setting. I agree with krick that Rustic Canyon is way too loud. I liked, but didn't love FIG, but I was there very early on so I should give it a second chance but I think Wilshire is comparable in terms of price and a prettier setting.

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            I like Fig better than Cache, and haven't tried La Cachette. Agreed that Wilshire patio was nice. Food was only ok, but that was a couple years ago, so it could be better now.

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              I ate at Wilshire in February and felt is was much improved since meals I had there a few years ago, FWIW.

          2. I recommend Eva, the new restaurant where the old Hatfield's used to be. Everything on the menu is under $20 and you can order a bunch of dishes like as if you are creating your own tasting menu. The restaurant is very new and service is very spotty when I was there 2 weeks ago. Highly recommended!

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              Good to know, but not quite westside.