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Sep 30, 2009 07:56 PM

County Line Am I missing something?

My wife and I have made a list of restaurants into 3 cost categories that we want/need to try over the next year+.

County Line was on that list.

It was raining so we decided to go on the lake as opposed to on the hill (it might make a difference).

I am certain that this review might touch a nerve and if it does please let me know where I ordered poorly.

Sauteed Mushrooms were salty and tasted like they had been on a steam table for far too long.

Their signature bread was a bit sweet, but very nice.

Brisket had no depth of flavor and was not very tender. there was a large band of fat (that generally would melt during a slow cooking process) through out the piece.

I would have preferred crock-pot brisket by a landslide to this alleged "smoked" product.

Sausage was very bland and in my opinion the fat was not properly emulsified during the sausage making process.

I equated CL sausage to Hillshire Farms sausage gone wrong.

Pork ribs were not terrible, but the lack of smoke was evident and despite stating specifically no sauce on the ribs, the ribs came with sauce and was told that is how they are cooked (slow cooked in sauce for tenderness?) and no additional sauce was added

If possible the sides may have been the most disappointing. Neither my wife no I ate more than a bite or two of our sides.
My potato salad was not as good as the industrial potato salad at HEB that has a self life of 4 months.

The cole slaw had fresh, crunchy cabbage, but the dressing was runny and tasted terrible. The quality was as if........................McDonald's was starting a new cole slaw side that would soon be available across the nation.

It is possible that their homemade ice cream is amazing, but was unwilling to spend any more more on an unsatisfactory meal.

The beer was cold and the service was good, but I would be very hesistant to return

County Line On the Lake
5204 Ranch Road 2222, Austin, TX 78731

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  1. I'll probably start a controversy here, but I do not know any locals that eat at the County Line. Seems like more of a place that visitors go. I have not been in years, but recall the food as being a little above average for BBQ. When I go out for BBQ, I'm looking for the complete experience of food and atmosphere. I have a close friend who has a wonderful way of explaining the County Line. He says it is not a BBQ joint, but a restaurant that serves BBQ.

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    1. re: PappyAustin

      I agree, the County Line is not that good any more. Brisket is very bland. Just don't go there anymore and I am a native Austinite.

    2. I haven't been in a year at least, but when I do get over there I get the beef ribs, which you don't find at most places. 3 out of 4 times they are great. 1 out of 4 times they are just ok.

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      1. re: LakeLBJ

        I tend to agree. The beef ribs are good and the bread is great, but I don't go to County Line except when there's a large group in town. Sausage is flavorless, sides aren't very good, brisket is bland. I have been known to drag people out to Salt Lick instead. Less convenient, but infinitely better.

        County Line On the Lake
        5204 Ranch Road 2222, Austin, TX 78731

      2. Bland, Boring, Rip-off.

        1. Yeah, you pretty much got it right. I've only been once, and most of it was unexceptional. The only thing that stood out was the smoked turkey - that was really quite good.

          Actually, now that I think about it, I would have to rate County Line's smoked turkey a little bit above Rudy's. (But Rudy's outranks County Line in all other respects, including the banana pudding... actually, just thinking about Rudy's makes me hungry... I think I'm going to lobby for Rudy's for dinner tonight.)