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Sep 30, 2009 06:40 PM

Need a weeks worth of food in Fresno

I am going to be spending almost a week in the south-east part of Fresno. It looks like so many of the ones discussed on this board are more to the North.

What are your suggestions? Since I will be working, I am looking for casual places. Some place in the tower district would be great and maybe sunnyside... and maybe a good bakery. I use to love the Buttercream bakery. <hugh sigh>

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  1. I like the Million Elephant in the Tower District on Olive for decent, inexpensive Thai food. I still think that Thai Royal Orchid is better but if you want to stay in the Tower I highly recommend this place.

    If you are looking for something sweet I also recommend Scoops for the Fresno State Ice Cream a couple of doors down Olive Ave. The brownie sundaes are great; the brownies are huge and baked in the store. For a bakery I also like Panaderia Natalie in the former Laucks Bakery building on Olive Ave. Inexpensive and the pastry is baked daily.

    844 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93728

    1. Where is SW Fresno will you be? Near the Tower, or more near the airport? You could easily jump on the 180W, then take the 41N - it would only be a 10-15 minute drive on the freeway to head north (as long as it isn't during rush hour - although our traffic jams are nothing compared to larger cities...we still like to moan and groan about it though!!). You could also easily jump on the 168E, that will take you to Clovis.

      Tower Eats...

      Tower Dogs - "gourmet" hot dogs (and sausages, I think) with unique toppings and combos.

      Irene's Cafe - I have always had great food from here, but others have had some bad experience's. Cafe style food, burgers and sandwiches.

      Sequoia Brewery - I love the fish and chips, and I think they have bottomless fish and chips on Thursdays (same price as the menu). Typical brewery fare, with burgers - but I actually really like the ribs.

      Landmark - been there forever, and has a good happy hour.

      Cuca's - the milanesa is my FAV, and they have homemade corn tortillas (sooo good)

      El Cochinito Contento - like walking into an obscure restuarant in Mexico, very authentic Mexican food, very good

      Downtown Notables...

      Basque - either the Old Basque Hotel or The Shepard's Inn. I have eaten at the Shepard's Inn the most, the blackened catfish and garlic smotherd either pork chops or fried chicken are my favs.

      Central Fish Company - great deals on seafood and sushi, has a sit down area (plus you know the seafood is fresh since they get it daily right there!!).

      Off the 168E...

      North India Bar and Grill (exit Shaw, go east) - the best Indian food I have ever had, great prices!

      Hope that this helps!! Might think of some later...

      El Cochinito Contento
      88 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93728

      Irene's Cafe
      747 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93728

      Central Fish
      1535 Kern St, Fresno, CA 93706

      644 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93728

      North India Bar & Grill
      80 W Shaw Ave, Clovis, CA 93612

      Cuca's Restaurant
      936 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93728

      Sequoia Brewing Co
      777 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93728

      1. Thanks for the suggestions

        I will be working near the Roosevelt High School area. Still trying to pick a hotel. I was raised in Fresno (I can still remember the two public pools on Blackstone to show how long ago that was) and have very fond memories of the Tower District so that is why I was thinking that area.

        The two childhood food types that I crave and are hard to find in other areas are Armenian and Basque.

        Funny thing about the Fresno State Ice Cream. I took Dairy Science as one of my science courses at Fresno state and got to make ice cream and cheese. Thanks for the happy memory.

        1. Like you, I miss many things I grew up eating years ago in Fresno. For Basque, go to the old Basque Hotel in downtown Fresno. It looks as it did 40 years ago and the food is unchanged as well. For Armenian, try Bedrosian's Armenian Deli at First & Ashlan. It is a small family business with a nice selection of Armenian favorites. I think Bedrosian's closes at 6:00pm, but you could get something to go. Also, not exactly near the Tower District, Nina's Bakery is a wonderful little gem at West & Shaw. Nina's stuffed grape leaves are fantastic ,as are all her Armenian Desserts. Nina's is a wonderful place to stock up on all sorts of wonderful Armenian foods and goodies before heading home.
          One last place that is totally unique to Fresno is The Berrock Shop at Bullard & West. They have wonderful, fresh baked berrocks that will bring back wonderful memories of growing up in Fresno. You won't go hungry in Fresno!

          Old Basque Hotel
          1102 F Street

          Bedrosian's Armenian Deli
          3051 E. Ashlan (First & Ashlan shopping center)

          Nina's Bakery
          2022 West Shaw (at West)

          The Berrock Shop
          2016 W. Bullard (at West.....Save Mart Center)

          1. Wow, can't believe folks forgot to mention George's for breakfast. One of the warmest diners I've eaten in. Make sure that you get the pita as your bread choice with breakfast. They're at 2405 Capitol St near the courthouse and the Saroyan. Also the original Cuca's (my favorite) is in the area at 907 F. St. I grew up on chorizo con huevos breakfasts there. And Joe's Steakhouse at 831 Van Ness Ave. a great family run restaurant that even has evening entertainment.

            Here's hoping that you eat well while in town!